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News And Video Explosion: Miles Thompson Amazes

Miles Thompson scored some amazing goals as a college lacrosse player. Now he plays for the Minnesota Swarm and showing no signs of slowing down. Plus all the lacrosse news and video you need to see and read!

Miles Thompson amazes us on a regular basis. He scored some pretty darn amazing goals as a college lacrosse player, and now as a player for the Minnesota Swarm he’s showing no signs of slowing down. How many guys can get mugged on the crease like this and still score over their shoulder? Not many. How many guys can score a game-winner like this? Even fewer. It’s almost unfair… except Miles worked his butt off for this skill set, so it’s actually totally fair.

Welcome to Monday’s News and Video Explosion! We’re starting it off with a killer goal, then moving on to the top stories and videos around the lacrosse world. Start your week off right!

Miles Thompson Amazes – Game Winner

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The softness of his hands is unbelievable. He must use Eucerin! Miles also had a hat trick in week one. Here’s video proof:

Here is a short Q&A with Miles Thompson as well.

More NLL Highlight Videos!

Did that really just happen? The legend that is John Grant Jr. Continues. OT Game Winner!

This next goal was from 2 weeks ago… but still, it’s amazing.

Cannons Move To Gillette

The Boston Cannons have played home games all over the metro area. They’ve played at Harvard since 2007 (which is a great venue for MLL games) but with the turf being redone in Cambridge, the Cannons were left without a field until mid June. Now they’re playing in Gillette Stadium, home of the New England Patriots. The Cannons have always drawn well, but that stadium is going to fell very empty, even if they consistently get 10,000 fans, which will be tough. I was at Denver’s July 4th game this year, and even with 29,000 people the place felt empty.

Aside from that, it should be an awesome experience for the players to be in a big time stadium like that week in and week out. Nice facilities, professional feel, etc. And maybe, just maybe, the pro stadium will help draw in MORE fans… weirder things have happened. And the Cannons off season of bizarre announcements continues. Trade Rabil. Move to Gillette… what’s next? We’ll have to wait and see!


Bea Thomas, 102, was coaching legend, and she recently passed away. 102 years old. Amazing life. Worth a read. Women’s sport advocate, high school coach for 43 years… this woman is an inspiration!

US Lacrosse – Roster For Champion’s Challenge

Rosters for Team USA White and Team USA Blue have been announced by US Lacrosse. Paul Rabil and Rob Pannell are on the same team, and so are Max Seibald and Will Manny. It will be interesting to see if those two tandems show any early signs of playing well together as they will be teaming up during the upcoming MLL season.

German U19 Team Registration Open!

If you can claim German citizenship and want to play box lacrosse for Germany, reach out to Jamie Plunkett of the Deutschland Adler Lacrosse Club! DALC has been selected to represent Germany at the U19 box games (which run around the same time as the 2015 WILC), so get on board! This is going to be a unique event, and one kids around the world should want to be a part of!

See more on the DALC website for full story and registration info!


Syracuse goalies prepare for competition… who’s starting in between the pipes? Here is a Cuse media day report. BleacherReport projects the national champions for 2015. Massive college lacrosse twitter list from Taking a look at ASU’s 2015 schedule with Cronkite Sports. Duke Lacrosse celebrates 2014 title.

Kind of a cool recruiting video from Cabrini Lacrosse. Not bad for a D3 school!

This will get you pumped for the 2015 season… it got me pumped for all of 2012 and still gets me going!

Face Off Academy National Showcase

Greg Gurenlian is just a great man all around. He’s got a killer attitude, dominates in his position, teaches kids around the country, loves lacrosse, and is always up to discuss the finer points of life. I’m a fan. And I can see why the FOA National Showcase is booming. It’s many of the best face off guys in the country, doing what they do, and naming a champion. What a cool concept, and it makes the face off game something bigger, which is good coming from a “Face Off Athlete” like Gurenlian. See full results from the National Showcase here.

The NLL’s Lone American Captain

Oh captain, my Joel White! He’s the only American wearing a captain’s C in the NLL this year, and he’s one of my top 5 US box players, so it all makes sense. White is still improving, but his transition into the box has been amazing, and he’s doing big things for the New England Black Wolves this year.

Through two games, White has 2 goals, an assist, 3 turnovers, 2 caused turnovers, six shots, and TWENTY FIVE loose balls. Craig England is the next closest LB leader on the team with 12. 25 is crazy. The only player with more in the entire NLL is Geoff Snider, who takes draws and wins them to himself. White has taken zero draws so far. Unreal.

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