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Miles Thompson MLL Traditional

It’s Miles Thompson MLL Traditional time! Many of you noticed that Miles Thompson had stopped using a traditional pocket when he joined Major League Lacrosse’s Rochester Rattlers. Some said he was now a “mesh guy”, but the more likely explanation for the switch is that a traditional pocket takes time to break in, and Miles had used a Nike head in college, which he couldn’t use in the MLL, because of manufacturer deals. But now he’s back with a new Miles Thompson MLL Traditional pocket!

But this past weekend, Miles broke out a new traditional stick, and now he’s back to repping to the cross lace and leather full time. We approve of this move 111%!

Miles Thompson MLL Traditional

You can see that back in Week 8, Miles was still using mesh:

Oh, and in case you’re wondering why the Thompsons (Miles and Jeremy at least) wear #74, I asked Jeremy, and he was kind enough to respond with the following:

I wore the number 7 when I was younger and as I grew up, I wore number 4 because my dad wore it. There are deeper reasons for the number 7 as well. My grandfather always told his people and grandkids to build seven layers thick of skins. What he meant by that is there’s always positive and negative out there. When negative comes at you, it always, or could, take a layer from you so therefore you always have another to rely on, and always continue to build yourself. So once I became a professional I joined the two together.

I bet you didnt know that! I certainly didn’t! Tradition runs strong with the Thompsons! So if you want to honor the history of the game, and learn how to string a traditional pocket, check out our Traditional Tutorial:

If you want to learn how to string a Six Shooter, which Miles used in college, we have you covered for that too!

And if you want more from Jeremy Thompson, we have you covered!

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So far in 2014, Miles has played in five games, scoring six goals (no two-pointers) and dishing out three assists, for nine total points. Rochester is 4-1 since he joined the team, but in the one game where Miles has scored a hat trick, the Rattlers lost. Miles Thompson has scored at least one point in each of his five career games so far. Thompson has also picked up 6 ground balls, and taken 25 shots, with 18 of those being on cage.

Rochester currently sits at 6-3, and in second place, behind the 7-2 Denver Outlaws. The New York Lizards sit behind Rochester at 5-4, and then three teams (Boston, Florida, and Charlotte) sit at 4-5. Both Ohio and Chesapeake are 3-6. The Rattlers’ next game is on July 5th at 7pm against the Charlotte Hounds on the road. With Miles’ Iroquois commitments, who knows if he will play.

But that gives us another thing to watch for… what kind of stick will Miles use at the World Lacrosse Championships? The people need to know!