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Ohio Machine vs Boston Cannons July 2015 MLL Semifinal Highlight Video
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MLL Semifinal Highlight Videos

We got two really good Major League Lacrosse semifinal games on TV yesterday, and the league has already loaded semifinal highlight videos up to the old YouTube. IMPRESSIVE!!!!! So if you missed the action on CBS Sports on Saturday, now you can catch the best of best of the action via these two short videos.

By far and away the fastest turnaround for MLL videos EVER? I think so. I really can’t get over the quickness, and I’m not even talking about Brent Adams!

MLL Semifinal Highlight Video #1

Rochester Vs Ohio

[fvplayer src=”” splash=”” caption=”2015 MLL Semifinals Highlights: Rochester Rattlers at Ohio Machine”]

I really thought Ohio would put up more goals in this game with their ability to attack the cage and score from all six offensive positions. Rochester’s D really stepped up their game, and kept an opponent under 10 goals for the first time since June 7th, when they held the Cannons to only 6 goals. The 8 goal total for Ohio marked the fourth time all year that Rochester held an opponent to under 10 goals.

This was incredibly impressive given that Ohio had only been held to under 10 goals once before this year, and that had happened very early in the year. Rochester put together a complete game, after going down 4-1, and outscored Ohio 11-4 the rest of the way. Galloway let in one or two soft ones early, but from that point on, it was a very different story.

MLL Semifinal Highlight Video #2

Boston Vs New York

Now, if you missed the New York-Boston game, you missed something special. Early on, New York looked nothing short of terrible. I mean, absolutely terrible. The Lizards played like they “deserved” to win, and the Cannons took it to them in almost every facet of the game. Of course, this being the playoffs, you just knew Joe Spallina would get his guys back on track, and back to business. What resulted was quite possibly the most exciting MLL game EVER. That’s a big claim, but if you saw this game on TV or in person, you’re likely to agree.

[fvplayer src=”” splash=”” caption=”2015 MLL Semifinals Highlights: Boston Cannons at New York Lizards”]

Even with Boston’s big early lead, New York came right back, and showed why they were the preeminent favorite to win the title this year. They showed a lot of poise, played together (which they had not been doing well lately), and played with passion. As usual, a huge hit taken by JoJo Marasco helped elevate the team’s intensity. Does he have a magnet in his head which attracts high hits? Seems that way!

Matt Gibson had some unreal finishes, and in a total reversal of fortunes, New York then went on a great run, and built up a 15-10 lead well into the 4th quarter. With about 6 minutes left, the game looked to be over… but Boston showed zero quit, and before you knew it, they had tied the game up at 15 with about 30 seconds left in regulation.

Overtime was crazy, and not just normal overtime crazy. Adam Ghitelman (for those that don’t know, he’s a goalie) ran all the way down the field and got the ball in tight with a great chance to score. Drew Adams had other ideas, and made the off stick high save, kicked the ball out to a middie, and then the fast break against a goalie-less Boston was on. Marasco to Rabil to Gibson to empty net game winner in OT. I told you it was crazy.

Next Weekend – MLL Finals

On August 8th, at 7pm ET, the Rochester Rattlers and New York Lizards will play for the 2015 MLL title. You’ve got a defense that has never looked better in ROCH, and an offense that can put up serious goals in New York. If those two dominating forces cancel each other out to some extent, the smaller plays will mean that much more in the championship game. Make sure you tune in to CBS Sports next weekend for the final MLL game of 2015. If these two semifinal games were any indication, it will be well worth your time!