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Spallina brothers New York Lizards MLLampionship Ch 2015
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MLL Supplemental Draft: What is it and who’s available?

Editor’s Note: Updates made (12/11, 2pm ET) reflect author’s research. Available MLL Transactions list has not been updated online since 7/30 and Supplemental Draft pool also does not reflect updates, protections and the Atlanta Blaze roster.

First thing’s first, the MLL Supplemental Draft is actually the THIRD MLL draft of 2015. It is set for Wednesday, December 16th at 2pm eastern and should be interesting! In January we were treated to the Collegiate Draft at LaxCon, in November we got the Expansion Draft (thanks Blaze!) and now we cap off the year with the 2015 MLL Supplemental Draft! Awesome!

But what is the supplemental draft, and why does it exist? I’m glad I asked…

At the end of the 2015 campaign, all MLL teams were required to place 10-12 players (depending on how many goalies they protected) from their 23-man roster onto a protected list, making them untouchable during the off-season drafts. Everyone else was thrown into a giant pool that the newcomer Atlanta Blaze could choose from. After the Blaze locked in their first 15 roster spots, the remaining names are put back in the pool for this year’s Supplemental Draft.

Teams are allowed a 35-man maximum roster heading into the season, so the Supplemental Draft is accordingly set up for 12 rounds (current 23-man roster + 12 rounds of selections = Full depth chart). It sounds crazy, but over 1,200 players registered for the draft, and over 200 of those names are entering the ring for the first time.

The craziest statistic? The MLL has players signed up from at least nine different countries, including: the United States; South Korea; Australia; Canada; Poland; Japan; Hong Kong; Italy; and England. At least one player from each of these nations has thrown their name in the hat in an attempt to get picked up by a professional lacrosse club.

2015 MLL Supplemental Draft

If we look at the pool seriously, it’s obvious that at least 3 of those nations will have a player picked up at the end of this thing. The USA and Canada are obvious, but it seems highly likely that someone will take a chance on Australia/Stevenson product Callum Robinson this year as well. Will any other countries see glory in the Supplemental Draft?

Is it likely that a South Korean, Polish, Italian or English name is called at the draft? Not really, but seeing how a Finnish defenseman signed with the Stealth in the NLL a little while back, and there haves also been Japanese and Australian players in the MLL, we can’t rule it out!

So who are some of the bigger names on the drawing board for Wednesday? Let’s take a look!

Note: An asterisk (*) denotes that a player is on an NLL roster.

MLL Supplemental Draft – Attack

Back from the dead retirement is all-star Tim Goettelmann, trying to find a roster spot after retiring with the Long Island (yep) Lizards in 2012. We can only assume if the 2x Steinfeld Cup champ and offensive machine is coming out of retirement after a few seasons, he must be in good-shape and hungry to dominate once again. Goettelmann is one of the biggest bodies the league has ever seen, so a bit of a risk will be taken to select the aging giant after he removed himself form the game over three years ago.


Zack Greer* could easily be the best or worst attackman to select from the list. After he was unprotected mid-season by the Outlaws, the Bayhawks quickly acquired his rights and tried to bring Greer east. The plan was quickly foiled since Zack lives, works, and just had a baby in Los Angeles. Greer was solid for the Outlaws offense for years and helped lead them to a Steinfeld Cup a month after capturing the gold with Team Canada in the 2014 World Championships. I don’t know for certain, but after playing in the NLL all winter I can see Greer taking a pass on the 2016 MLL season if the Outlaws don’t invite him back.

Here a couple of other top level attackmen who could potentially find a roster spot… for now!

  • Ty Thompson*
  • Josh Dionne

MLL Supplemental Draft – Goalie

Ohio Machine vs Florida Launch 8.9.14 Major League Lacrosse

Only missing one season since 2008 for a deployment with the Army, Adam Fullerton is seven seasons deep. He’s shared his time with the Rattlers, Outlaws, and the past two seasons as a backup to Queener with the Launch. Fullerton has experience, so he wouldn’t make a bad pick for a backup net-minder.

Kip Turner was listed on the IR, so if he goes back in, he has a great chance of getting picked back up by someone. Turner is solid and has tons of experience.

MLL Supplemental Draft – Defense

Tim Henderson was a beast at Army and is a monster on D. He is listed as Military Inactive for last year, and would be great pick up for any team if he can find the time.

Matt Lovejoy is another guy in a similar boat. He was Did Not Report – Contract scratch last year for Chesapeake.

Mike Manley is coming off the IR list, and is an experienced player. If Rochester has not picked him up already I’d be shocked, but the MLL transaction list only goes through July right now.

MLL Supplemental Draft – Midfield

The only one of the Thompson Brothers without any MLL minutes is Hiana Thompson*. Thompson is a Cinderella story in the making after taking a non-traditional route to the lacrosse spotlight. Coming off a Silver in the WILC 2015 and Bronze at the 2014 World Games, Hiana is playing the best lacrosse of his life. His work ethic, variable skill set, and high lacrosse IQ make Hiana a dream addition for nearly any team in the league!

Ohio State vs Michigan 2015 BIg Ten Lacrosse Photo Credit: Molly Tavoletti MLL Supplemental Draft
Photo Credit: Molly Tavoletti

Like Thompson, Jesse King* is going to miss part of the MLL season due to his commitment in the NLL. He also plays a lot of Summer box lacrosse. King has a very different build from Thompson and towers over opponents. The Canadian has a nasty left handed crank from distance, but has no trouble scoring and feeding from all over the box. King can easily be transitioned to attack, but plays solid and fundamental defense. His years at Ohio State developed King into an assassin, his Gold with Canada in 2014 won’t be the last field championship he wins.

MLL Supplemental Draft – Face Off

Kevin Massa was collegiate inactive last year for Charlotte. Nick Osello was in the same boat. Mike Pellgrino could even take some draws as a diverse LSM, and he was on Boston’s practice squad last year.

USA vs Australia - 2014 World Lacrosse Championship Semifinal Game

Team USA co-face off man Chris Eck took the 2015 season off after the 2014 World Games to focus on his career which took him to Asia for the year. It appears Eck is back and ready to get back in the ring and knowing Eck he hasn’t missed a workout in the meantime. Eck is a workhorse and a brilliant mind, the kind of guy I want in my locker room.

  • Bob Snider*
  • Anthony Kelly

*Denotes player is on an NLL roster.

Fans can listen to the draft next Wednesday on MLL Radio. Last season Garrett Thul went #1 overall to Charlotte, but the star of the draft was Davey Emala who finished the season as the Cannons leading goal scorer and the MLL’s Most Improved Player! the new kids will get the first pick this year, it’s an absolute guess who they will go after first although they made a statement in the Expansion Draft by targeting “locker room guys” to help build a strong culture in Atlanta!

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On top of the big names currently in the MLL, or fighting to come back, here’s a list of a ton of names that are either current/former NLL guys, guys with MLL time, or international players who stand out. Plus I added in a few names that I found interesting! There were thousands to go through so I’m sure I missed some gems!

Please tell me Kyle Devitte gets drafted. His MLL coverage over on IL would certainly take a turn for the strange! I also want to see Dylan Sheridan get drafted. Not only is Dylan a D1 coach who didn’t play NCAA lacrosse (he played in the MCLA!), but he would also be the only current D1 men’s coach that I know of playing MLL.

Does anyone else on the list below stand out to you? WHY? Would love to hear some thoughts!

  • Adams, Shayne
  • Amidon, Josh
  • Aquin, Kyle
  • Bandiera, Roberto *Italy
  • Banks, Liam
  • Benesch, Ryan
  • Bertrams, Matthew
  • Blye, Owen
  • Boland, Chris
  • Bradman, Samuel
  • Brand, Michael
  • Bratton, Rhamel
  • Burke, Chris
  • Burkhart, Marshall
  • Cafarelli, Matthew
  • Cahill, Martin
  • Cannizzaro, Sean
  • Carraro, Chase
  • Casimir, Andrew
  • Cheung, Wai Cheng *Hong Kong
  • Chidester, Sam
  • Christmas, Johnny
  • Church, Robert
  • Cittadino, Casey
  • Coates, Dan
  • Collins, Chris
  • Crawford, Callum
  • Desko, Timothy
  • Devitte, Kyle
  • Diachenko, Nick
  • DiBartolo, T.C.
  • Duch, Rhys
  • Flint, Cameron
  • Fullerton, Adam
  • Gamble, Jesse
  • Goldstein, Andrew
  • Govoni, Emanuele *Italy
  • Heim, Patrick
  • Henderson, Tim
  • Houtby, Jordan
  • Jamieson, Cody
  • Jeong, Jaeyeong *South Korea
  • Keogh, Stephen
  • Krum, Erik
  • Lamolinara, Dominic
  • LaPlante, Ryan
  • Leblanc, Stephan
  • Lecky, Hakeem
  • Lindsay, Sean
  • Matisz, Kiel
  • McGlone, Bill
  • Nizolek, Ryan
  • Noonan, Edward
  • Pellegrino, Michael
  • Peyser, Stephen
  • Piękoś, Patryk *Poland
  • Planning, David
  • Polanco, Nicholas
  • Porcell, Joshua
  • Porter, Brendan
  • Poskay, Matthew
  • Ratcliff, Lewis
  • Reinholdt, Tor
  • Ritz, Maxwell
  • Robinson, Callum
  • Rogowski, Gregory
  • Rubeor, Benjamin
  • Rubisch, Kyle
  • Sheridan, Dylan
  • Silberlicht, Jacob *Israel
  • Smith, Billy-Dee
  • Smith, Dhane
  • Ventiquattro, Mario
  • Vitale, Joe
  • Wawrzyniak, Jak-Laurent *England
  • Woodson, Chazz
  • Yevoli, Joseph

Who do you think has a shot to relive the glory days? Was there any big names I missed? Did I name anyone that’s a dud? Let us know in the comment section below!