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Monday Lacrosse Drop Video Explosion

The Lacrosse Drop was something we did once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away, and the College Lacrosse Video Explosion is something we do now.  Maybe I’ve been watching too much Doctor Who lately, but they’re getting combined now and the Tardis will just have to deal with it.

Tons of lacrosse information jammed into one post.  Because why not?

Colorado State Wins 5th MCLA Title

Big timing at Colorado State right now. They looked great over the course of the MCLA tourney and took home the title as the #2 seed, taking down #1 Cal Poly in the big event.  Not only that but they had the best helmets of the year.  Look good, play good.  Or just be good, and order sweet gear.  That works better.

Notre Dame Lacrosse Players Graduate… On The Road.

When does this happen in lacrosse?

It’s only a matter of time before someone makes Stephen Berger or Mike Powell up to be 72 and still balling.  I hope I’m on the field when it happens.  Parts of this look very staged, but it’s cool.  And a lacrosse coach invented basketball, so it gets the green light.

Stevenson Knocking Off Denison Highlights

NCAA D3 lacrosse is great come tourney time.  Heck, it’s great all the time.  But when Denison visits Stevenson for the NCAAs, it’s fun and festive.  Stevenson will be back in the hunt for their first title in 2013.  You can count on it.

Great production value for a D3 school… doing it right!

New England Prep School Lacrosse: Deerfield Vs Exeter

Deerfield is a lacrosse power in New England, and each year they bring in a crop of talented post graduate students to compliment their existing roster of top notch talent.  It’s a great school and Deerfield has sent a ton of guys on to play at the D1 level.  Philips Academy Exeter is old school prep royalty, and that school has also produced a ton of great players.  And now we have 10 minutes of highlights from the 2012 versions of these schools.  Killer.

It might just be “high school” lacrosse, but it’s REALLY good high school and a lot of these guys might be on TV in the next year or two… so it’s worth watching.

More High School EXCELLENCE – Stanwick Style

Steele and Wells Stanwick’s clubs were eliminated from the playoffs this weekend, so if you’re going through Stanwick withdrawal, I’ve got you covered.  Witness Shack Stanwick, the next in line.  WHO COMES UP WITH THESE NAMES?  Also awesome.

I wouldn’t mind being half as good as Shack is right now.

Goalie Goal

I love a good goalie goal.  Who doesn’t?  I love it even more when it’s in the National Tournament!

The Fighting in Box Lacrosse Debate RAGES On

I’m still not sold on fighting in box lacrosse.  Not one bit really.  And the video below doesn’t do anything to help fighting’s cause.  There is nothing tough about this.  Who cares what the lead up was… two wrongs don’t make a right.

Of course, then there is this:

Seems very controlled, honorable and the two guys even pat each on the back afterwards.  But it makes me ask, if they can pat each other on the backs after, why did they have to fight in the first place?  Maybe the guys arguing with me here are right… maybe I just don’t get Canadian box lacrosse.

I don’t think that conversation is over in any way, shape or form.

One handed lacrosse? Yeah, I thought so

The Swami said we’s see more and more one handed lacrosse goals start to pop up this year, and now we are. Mark Matthews and Eric Fannell aren’t the only ones with dangle.

Illinois State Is Trying To Grow Their Program

ISU made a video, and it’s an aggressive one to be sure, but ISU is trying to improve and I can’t really fault them for that!  Showing off what they are all about to the world is a great idea.  I could do without the musical selections though.  Way too much swearing and overall inappropriateness.  I almost didn’t include it because of that alone. So…

WARNING: the music on the video linked to below is filled with swears and shouldn’t be listened to by anyone, ever.  We recommend muting your computer.

Illinois State Lacrosse Video

For those of you that did listen to that, I warned you.

On a MUCH more positive note, we hear that Illinois State is looking for a new Head Coach, so if you’re interested in the gig, I’d recommend reaching out to ISU.  The guys in that program seem invested, so you’d have something to work with… I think.

Greg Bice, Lacrosse Player and Philosopher

You probably know Greg Bice as a pro lacrosse player, but he is also quite the philosopher it seems!  Bice provides some thoughts on the 100% Rule.  It’s an interesting take on a complex subject.  Wondering what our readers think…

Mayor’s Cup In NYC Takes A Turn

The Mayor’s Cup in NYC used to be a preseason Jamboree where almost every team from the City would come for a day of scrimmages against similarly talented teams to kick off the season.  Now it is a Senior All-Star game with three teams participating: The PSAL  All-Stars(public), CHSAA All-Stars (Catholic), and Independent All-Stars. I’m not sure how a three way All-Star game works.  Their jerseys are below.  Old School, but not in a good way.

Since it is a SENIOR All-Star game, there won’t be many college coaches in attendance (a Junior game makes more sense for that), but it could be a great place for NJCAA coaches in the area to find some concentrated talent, or kids who slipped through the cracks.



lacrosse thumb
SO borderline, but I'll go with it!

I’ve been waiting to say Thumbspiracy all year.  Seen almost no lacrosse players are guilty of it this year… must be cyclical.  HUGE thanks to 24SevenLax for being SO on top of the photo game this year!