merrimack adelphi lacrosse
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Monday Lacrosse Video Explosion!

Another great weekend of college lacrosse is in the books.  You probably caught the Maryland vs. Virignia game Saturday on ESPNU, and HOPEFULLY you tuned in for two great games on Sunday at the Big City Classic.  Well, the big boys of NCAA Division 1 weren’t the only ones playing lacrosse this weekend, and we’ve got video from across the college lax spectrum to analyze!

We’ll start off with some excellent highlights from Merrimack’s 12-8 win over Adelphi.  ‘Mack came into the game ranked 4th in NCAA D2, and Adelphi was 5th.  The goalie cam (video camera IN the goal) is especially unique to these highlights, and the slow-mo goals are very well captured.  This is some high level lacrosse right here!

Lots of bounce shots in that one, and the Adelphi goalie is clearly frustrated as he smacks the camera towards the end.  That’s probably fair.

merrimack adelphi lacrosse
Take my stick, please.

Here is one reason why I love Stevens Tech highlights: there is NO fluff.  It’s 1 minute of video, and 8 goals.  Nothing more, nothing less.  The Ducks looking strong still in 2012.  Could this be their year?  Stevens is 9-1 and the only loss so far is to Tufts by 2.  Getting through the North will be tough with Union, Cortland, a couple of NESCAC teams, and others all looking strong.

Now if you’re looking for more of a story, look no further than Carthage College which, like Stevens, is an NCAA D3 School.  The men’s lacrosse team is 6-2 right now, and probably in the top half of D3.  They don’t play a great schedule, but it’s always interesting to see into a newer program, especially one that is located in Wisconsin.

Finally, we have some MCLA D2 highlights from The Lacrosse Network.  Cal State Fullerton takes on Grand Canyon in a top 20 match up.  CSUF entered the game at #16 and GCU was #7, but CSUF came away with the 11-9 victory.  The non-goal at the :45 second mark was an ALMOST great effort!  CSUF loves to shoot underhand, but they switch planes a lot, and it seems to work.

So, which of these four vids was your favorite?

If YOUR team is creating video highlights, drop us a line!