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More Rooftop Lacrosse: New York City

There has been a lot of interest in Rooftop Lacrosse in New York City this Summer!  Our first couple of sessions had no more than 7-8 guys show up, but lately attendance has been excellent!  Last night we got about 12 guys out there (no goalies though!) for an hour and a half of shooting and drilling, and then 45 minutes of up and down, free-wheeling action.

Not all of the guys can bring a helmet and pads with them if they come from work, or have a particularly long commute, but we make due with what we have.   And we only let current college players or older play without lids.  Even then, we keep it very laid back with an emphasis on safety and smart play.  Not having goalies has actually really helped this style of play exist, because in order to score, a player must hit the pipe and THEN have it go in.  You see very few wind up shots, and mostly inside feeds.  And that’s what most of us need to work on, so it’s perfect!

When we do get a goalie to show up, the games continue, and the goalie just rotates between teams, or we play half court lacrosse.  If we ever have two goalies show up, I’m not sure how I’ll react.  Probably surprised.  But I’m praying for that tonight when I head back out there!

Guys can come when they want, and it’s up to them to put the work in.  No one is forcing them to be there, or to work hard.  All we do is give them an opportunity to play, and the younger guys are really taking advantage of it.  It just makes me want to coach and volunteer more!  How are YOU giving back this Summer?  If you’ve got a great story to share, email us at and we’ll make sure your voice is added to the deafening chorus of awesome Summer ball!

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Song is “Sobobo” by Mamarazzi.  Buy their album at mamarazzisounds for only $6!