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MSLA DI Coaches Poll

Editor’s Note: Please welcome Dustin Rich to the LAS Network. Born and raised in Springfield, Missouri, Dustin Rich knows a thing or two about growing the game. Rich currently coaches the men’s team at Missouri State University and in his spare time enjoys all things lacrosse. Check out all of Dustin’s contributions here.

Show Me Lax is proud to release the 2013 MSLA Division I Coaches Poll. The poll was put together by a number of coaches from the Missouri Scholastic Lacrosse Association’s Division I. Listed below are the teams, along with the number of first place votes.

1. Mary Institute and St. Louis Country Day School [4]
2. Christian Brothers College High
T3. St. Louis University High [2]
T3. De Smet Jesuit
5. Eureka [1]
6. Ladue
7. O Fallon
8. Lafayette
9. Rockwood Summit
10. Chaminade

NOTES:  The top 5 remained essentially the same from the last poll, the only difference being that SLUH (2-0) and De Smet (1-2) tied for third instead of getting voted 3rd and 4th respectively. After an impressive OOC trip to Indiana, Ladue (4-0) jumped 3 spots, from 9th to 6th. Rockwood Summit (0-2) was outside the top 10 last poll, and now sits at 9th after a grueling loss to SLUH; 5-4. O’Fallon (3-0) was also previously outside the top 10, and now sits at 7th after beating Parkway West (2-1), Cary Grove (2-1) and Marquette (0-2).


  • On March 21st Vianney will host the Spartans of De Smet Jesuit. In 2012, De Smet came out on top; 13-5.
  • O’Fallon will travel across the river to play at SLUH on March 22. Last year SLUH won their meeting 10-4.
  • De Smet and CBC will meet on March 27. Last year the Cadets of CBC won the game in overtime; 11-10.
  • Chaminade and Rockwood Summit will face each other on March 27.

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