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LaxAllStars Music Monday
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Music Monday: Beat the Heat

Editor’s Note: Please welcome Nate Fritts to the Lacrosse All Stars! This isn’t his first time on the site of course, we had the pleasure of meeting Nate on the Rhino Lacrosse Camp Tour a couple summers back. Nate hales from Portland, Oregon, played at Bowdoin College (NESCAC) in Maine, and now resides in Boston, MA where he researches concussions and brain diseases when he’s not laxing.

With summer well underway, we wanted to up your weekly dosage of music, so we decided to double our music offering to you. Each Monday, Michael Allen will take the morning detail, and Nate Fritts will continue to knock out the night hours. Everybody wins! Check out all the Music Monday posts here!


Music Monday is back from it’s two week hiatus and is better than ever! Seeing as I left you cold and alone to find your own music for some of the hottest months of summer, I’m asking for your forgiveness with this hat trick post. We’ve got some chill hip hop, some womp womp, and another solid summer tune to beat the heat and enjoy the beginning of July (what’s up Cancers). Fire up the grill, make an impromptu slip n’ slide, and throw back a few lax sodas!

Flux Pavillion and Childish Gambino – “Do Or Die”

WHOA! Since he first busted out of the comedy scene and onto the rapping stage, Childish Gambino has consistently proved his abilities, distinguished by witty rhymes and a smooth, confident flow. However, throwing him on a track with Flux Pavillion just brings one word to mind: amped. This song has everything you need whether you are warming up, working out, throwing weights around, pregaming for a big night, whatever.

Drake – “The Motion (Feat. Sampha)”

Drake “Drizzy/Wheelchair Jimmy” Rogers is back with a number of new releases, of which this is my favorite. This chill song is on par with a lot of Drake’s early mixtape work that I’ve always loved. Getting a track with Drake singing hooks AND rapping verses shows off his versatility as an artist. Lil Wayne once said “We gon’ be alright if we put Drake on every hook,” and I think we’re all going to be better off with Drake doing the whole song, as shown here.

YONAS – “Girls of Summer”

I haven’t listened to a whole lot of YONAS’s work since his take on “Pumped Up Kicks,” but this song just felt right. It’s a quintessential summer jam for partying, cruising, or whatever you may be in to. YONAS is an emerging artist from the Bronx and seems like he has a lot of promise. If you like this song, definitely go check out the rest of his music and support an up-and-coming artist!