Music Monday: Come Around Sundown


Each week I try to snag a new album to listen to, and often times the listening only happens while working late into the night. For that reason, the tunes tend to be more mellow with electric twists to help keep me going. It doesn’t have to be a new album, just new to me. However, this past week led me to the new new album from Kings of Leon, Come Around Sundown.

Below are 2 of the more popular tracks on the album. In terms of the sound and what to expect, Rolling Stone puts it best:

“The fiddle-spiked “Back Down South” heads into dark backwoods-kegger territory. Caleb’s voice, meanwhile, remains a thing of slithering, boozy Tennessee beauty. Witness “Birthday.” It’s a slinky rocker in the spirit of 50 Cent’s “In Da Club,” except there’s no club, shawty’s nose is bloodied, and Caleb is walking her home, stumbling, laughing and spilling drinks along the way. Down-homey and over-the-top, “Birthday” recalls the Kings’ gruff-sounding garage-rock days. But it’s just a glimpse in the rearview by a band with its foot on the accelerator.” – Will Hermes

Kings of Leon – Back Down South

Kings of Leon – Birthday

You can preview more or purchase the album on Amazon or iTunes.


Droppin’ Ballz Vol. 40

My boy Lucas 3stacks released his big four oh last Thursday. Included: Kanye, CRS, Consequence, Copywrite and many more. CLICK HERE for the track list and the download link.

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