Current-Swell band press photo
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Music Monday: Current Swell

Spring is so close here in New England I can almost smell it! West coast readers, get outside on your Monday afternoon and enjoy what you’ve got. In order to nudge the warm sun and good vibes to come our way, I’m delivering some excellent laying back/hammock/beach music for this week’s Music Monday. I introduce to you, Current Swell!

Current Swell originated in Victoria, BC and began recording almost 10 years ago. For the past five or so years, they’ve been touring the world and gaining popularity, opening for artists (to whom they could also be compared) like Xavier Rudd, K’Naan, K-OS, and others.

This is one of those bands where you can put on an entire album and let it play without skipping tracks. Though some of their best material is the aforementioned laid-back vibe music, these guys can also really rock out (see “Cursed” below). Current Swell releases albums every couple years and clearly makes sure they are filled with quality tunes. Good news is the band said that it is currently working on a new album in Vancouver, set to release sometime this spring.

One more thing, if we have a German readers/laxers out there…the band is currently touring through Germany!

Long Time Ago

Young and Able

Cursed (Live)

Chesterman’s Valley