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Music Monday – Keepin’ It Old Timey

I am not sure if it’s the pollen, the running snow melt, or the fresh green shoots sprouting from the ground but for some reason, spring always gets me thinking of bluegrass, folk, and general finger-pickin’ goodness. Perhaps the memory of long, straight drives through central Oregon listening to Doc & Dawg with my father is what lures me back to this deep-rooted American music.

Though they may not be suitable for your Saturday morning, gameday warm-up, these older styles are pretty solid for keeping your feet tapping along during a good stick-stringing session, in my case, or for a long, drawn-out bus ride through the mountains.

For those of you who haven’t explored your dad/grandpa’s old blues tapes, I’d like to introduce two musicians who hail from the heartland and make music that is telling of their origin. Both William Elliott Whitmore and Charlie Parr began their recording careers around the turn of the millennium, though if I had to guess Parr has had a guitar in his hands for a little longer (he’s got a few years on Whitmore, as you’ll see from the videos). Nonetheless, both artists have their own very unique voices and instrumentation and seem like they are highly adapted to live performance.

Both artists are currently touring and more of their music can be found on iTunes, Spotify, etc. Enjoy!

William Elliott Whitmore – “Hell or High Water (Live)”

William Elliott Whitmore – “Johnny Law”

Charlie Parr – “1922 Blues (Live)”

Charlie Parr – “Ain’t No Grave Gonna Hold My Body Down (Live)”