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Music Monday: Keith’s Radio Show – Episode 31

Even with most of the LAS team in Tahoe or traveling the countryside, there is still time for Radio Zarape to bring some tastey tunes to brighten your Monday.

Keith is back with more folksy tunes to share.

More about this week’s show from the Radio Zarape intern (yes they have one):

There’s some really great stuff in here folks. It’s better than you and your uneducated palette could even comprehend. Keith knows so much about music you weren’t cool enough to find out about yourself. I, of course, already knew all of it.

Paul Ryan, RZ Intern


 Radio Zarape has 4 unique shows including:

Keith’s Radio Show

Kondrat’s Super Awesome Fun Time Podcast Sexy For You!

Quiet Time with Quasimodo

Sir Coyler’s Sonic Garage

Featured podcasts from Radio Zarape are in collaboration with Lax All Stars. Catch new shows every Monday on or visit Radio Zarape’s website for archived content.