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Music Monday: Long Miles

I am excited to report my first sun burn of 2014 here in New England! The sun is making the effort to bless our midday lax games and temperatures are stabbing at 70 degrees on really, really good days. I’m already imagining board shorts and plastic shades…the anticipation of summer is more exciting than ever given the harsh, windy, snowy winter we’ve had here in the nation’s northeast.

All that being said, it’s time for some tunes to keep the mood progressing towards summertime. I don’t know if it’s just me, but this kind of music can make a mild spring day seem more like a hot July day on the beach.

Without further adieu, I introduce Long Miles. They are a fresh band from Philly that brings a great vibe comparable to Aer, G Love, etc. They’ve got perfect music for kicking back in any scenario, but there’s nothing better than listening to these guys when it’s sunny and warm outside.

For the first time in awhile here on the Music Monday thread, this band is not currently touring. However, be on the lookout because the band toured as recently as November and are sure to be back at it as the year warms up!

Mr. Sunshine

Cool Breeze (Live)

Girl, Don’t Come Around