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Music Monday: New Album From Dispatch

Yes, it’s Tuesday and this is a Music Monday post, but it just couldn’t wait. Dispatch has released their first album in twelve years, and there was just no way I could let this somewhat lacrosse related band’s album drop pass without making a note of it.

Dispatch’s Brad Corrigan played lacrosse at Middlebury back in the 1990s (I just missed playing against him) and is a co-founder of Lacrosse The Nations, which “unifies the lacrosse community to sustainably improve education and health while creating hope and opportunity for children in need.

All the older lacrosse players out there are probably pretty familiar with Dispatch’s work; is it time for the next generation to get experienced?

Dispatch – Circles Around the Sun [Album Player] by Dispatch

It’s similar to their old stuff in some regards, but there is some definite growth there as well. First impression? I like it! But hey, I grew up on this stuff, and think Modest Mouse is pretty killer.

So what do YOU think? Any favorites so far? Or do you just want more bass dropping dub step?