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Music Monday: New Con Bro Chill Video

Con Bro Chill video
Always a good time with Con Bro...

Yesterday, Con Bro Chill hit us with his newest video, the “Con Bro Chill Sizzle Reel“. The video features a teaser of exciting things to come for the Band, Laxer and goof from Oregon, whose new website launches in just a few hours at

The background music? That’s a fresh CBC track too! Here’s what Con Bro had to say about the video on his official Facebook page:

“Hey. I know you’re confused on what all this Con Bro Chill nonsensery is. This should help explain. Sneak peek of our new songs too…”

Con Bro Chill
Alrighty, LAS nation… Enjoy!

(Editor’s note: CBC has since removed the video from YouTube in anticipation of their next big video. Stay tuned!)

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[Photos via CBC on Twitter and]