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Music Monday: Night Panther

Coming in hot out of Philly, Night Panther should knock your socks off. Most people would call it “indie music” but that term hasn’t really meant anything for at least 7 years. It’s not dance music, but you can dance to it, and its’ not pop music, but it could be. Basically, it’s just good time vibe music and it guarantees to be on heavy rotation this fall at the LAS Offices –  at least in Brooklyn!

The above song is “Fever” and we’re digging it. But this duo can get a little more EDM, and their cover of “Two Weeks” displays this skill pretty nicely.

And what Music Monday would be complete without a lacrosse player making sweet beautiful music? Lorne Smith of Lorne and the Way Highs, jams out at a family BBQ: