Music Monday: P.O.S. “Bumper” – 2013 Lacrosse Track

P.O.S. kills it with Bumper.

We hit up a good friend, Dan Reilly, who works in “the industry” and knows music like few else. We asked the man, “If you had to recommend one album or song for the Fall, that is going to be huge amongst the lacrosse crowd, what would it be? If you say Gangan Style I will kill you.

His answer was short and sweet: “I am really excited about P.O.S.’s new album.” Since we trust this guy implicitly, we gave his first song a listen, and now we’re excited!


P.O.S. kills it with Bumper.

The song is called “Bumper” and it is the first single off the album “We Don’t Even Live Here”. This is an unedited, explicit version of the song. So young, impressionable and easily offended ears, be forewarned:

Got a song or album you think will be bigger than P.O.S.’ Bumper? Drop your suggestions in the comments!

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