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RL Burnside Blues Musician
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Music Monday: R. L. Burnside

New Orleans has me looking at music in a whole new way.  My focus hasn’t been on live music nearly enough as of late, and it’s high time I change that.  When I was down in NOLA this past weekend for lacrosse, I also got to spend a good amount of time driving around I’m my brother’s giant, beat up pick up truck, and we listened to R. L. Burnside almost exclusively.

RL Burnside Blues Musician
R.L. Burnside

R. L. Burnside is a Mississippi Blues legend, if you’re into that kind of thing.  The story goes that he had been playing for ages, recorded some songs and played a bunch of shows.  The legend goes that he stopped drinking for the last 5 years of his life, and didn’t pick up a guitar for that entire time.  The story is sort of tragic if true, but I guess that’s the Blues for you.

His rough but impressive vocals and guitar work were mixed with more modern rock and electronic music methods and bam, there was a bigger interest in his music.  It’s all really quite amazing…

Driving guitar riffs, a great voice and an unmistakable style.  Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to humbly present R. L. Burnside!

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