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Music Monday: “Respect Your Partner” by Con Bro Chill

Principal Brochill is in the building, and the highly anticipated Con Bro Chill music video has arrived on! Check out Con Bro’s “Respect Your Partner” below and drop your reactions in the comments section.

[fvplayer src=”″ splash=”” caption=”Con Bro Chill – Respect Your Partner”]

Overall, this is Con Bro Chill‘s best produced video yet. That’s probably because he’s teamed up with a bunch of other creative geniuses to form Rainbreak – “A collective of artists and friends dedicated to releasing a new video every month… rain or shine.” The whole group was involved in the creation of this new music vid from Con Bro, and it shows! Kind of makes you want to buy a sweet Come To My Party tank, doesn’t it?!

Props to Mr. Connor Martin. Keep the good stuff coming, and keep growing the game!