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Music Monday: Sir Coyler’s Sonic Garage #32

Your main man Sir Coyler is back with another podcast full tunes.  Last week, Coyler quizzed listeners on their favorite songs from Radio Zarape shows. This week he wants you to travel back in time in order to win exclusive Radio Zarape shwag. What does that mean exactly? We’ll let him explain.

More about episode #32 of the Sonic Garage from the man himself:

“Hello and welcome to Episode 32 of my Sonic Garage. Today’s digs brings forth modern happiness. In fact, the quiz to this episode’s contest challenges you to find the oldest song played. There’s a handful of tunes from the 2000’s, so you know it aint them, right? It couldn’t be Primal ScreamObits or Girl Trouble…could it?”

– Sir Coyler

Contest rules: The first person to identify the correct answer and post it in the comments wins! Listen to the show for full details.

Rick Froberg and the Obits are jamming in the Sonic Garage

Radio Zarape has 4 unique shows including:

Keith’s Radio Show

Kondrat’s Super Awesome Fun Time Podcast Sexy For You!

Quiet Time with Quasimodo

Sir Coyler’s Sonic Garage

Featured podcasts from Radio Zarape are in collaboration with Lax All Stars. Catch new shows every Monday on or visit Radio Zarape’s website for archived content.