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Music Monday: Sir Coyler’s Sonic Garage – Episode 33

Radio Zarape brings you new podcasts every week. This week Sir Coyler beams in from Seattle, Washington to bring you a different take on the blues. Turn up the volume and get ready for songs from the likes of Bob Dylan, James Cotton, and Mudhoney.

Sir Coyler is back in blue. The blues that is.

More about this week’s show from Coyler:

“Shall we call this the “bullsh*t blues?” Whaddya think? There’s a niche for everyone: 3am, crankcase, ventilator, worried life, methamphetamine, Jackson-Kent, etc.

Have you any idea what I am talking about!? Good!”


Radio Zarape has 4 unique shows including:

Keith’s Radio Show

Kondrat’s Super Awesome Fun Time Podcast Sexy For You!

Quiet Time with Quasimodo

Sir Coyler’s Sonic Garage

Featured podcasts from Radio Zarape are in collaboration with Lax All Stars. Catch new shows every Monday on or visit Radio Zarape’s website for archived content.