Music Monday: Staff Recommendations

Allen Stone pelo loco
Pelo Loco en casa.
Allen Stone pelo loco

Pelo Loco en casa.

It’s Monday and that means you need some new music.  As always, we’ve got you covered!  If you’re willing to expand your horizons, check out some new tracks and artists and keep an open mind, Music Monday is for you.  If not, we’ll get back to the lacrosse soon enough!

First up is a recommendation from Josh Rottman, of SweetSweetLax fame.  He picked Allen Stone’s “Unaware” – Live From His Mother’s Living Room.  Allen has hipster glasses and laxtastic flow.

Next up Josh recommends New West Guitar Group. These three guitarists are all from USC’s music program and have been touring the country playing music from their new album Round Trip Ticket. Josh got a chance to see them live at Yoshi’s in Oakland and they killed it.

Finally, we have CW’s aunt and uncle, Jeff and Jane, in their first group, The Rentals with “I’ve Got A Crush On You”.

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