Music Monday: The Harder They Come

Jimmy Cliff Harder They Come
Tell 'em Jimmy!
Jimmy Cliff Harder They Come

Tell 'em Jimmy!

The 1973 film “The Harder They Come” is a great flick, and there are rumors that it is going to be remade by the original director/producer’s daughter, but the message from the title couldn’t be clearer: the harder they come, the harder they fall.  It’s knowing that someone is going to come to after you, but also knowing that you won’t back down, and the belief that you’re going to win.  And honestly, I don’t understand how some college lacrosse team out there hasn’t made it their slogan.

Of course the argument can be made that The Harder They Come is actually about running one’s self into the brick wall that is “the system”, and the inevitable downfall associated with fighting against the powers that be, but it still works.  Well, it works as long as you’re willing to think of yourselves as the powers that be.  But for a good team that shouldn’t be a problem.

Maybe kids today are too young to know The Harder They Come, or maybe they don’t have the same appreciation for Jimmy Cliff that older people might.  It’s certainly a far cry from Skrillex or Avici.   But if The Clash can make note of it in “The Guns Of Brixton”, the lax world can too.  So if we don’t see this on a shooting shirt at some point during the 2012 lax season you can color us disappointed.

The harder they come, the harder they fall, it’s what I know.

Yes, the main photo should be on the shooting shirts somewhere. Honor Jimmy.

And here’s The Clash’s “The Guns Of Brixton” as a bonus:

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