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Music Monday: The Most Hardcore – Hellyeah

I was surrounded by a diverse and interesting group of lacrosse players in college. Guys would jam out pre-game to Metallica, Phish, Benny Benassi, Common, DMX, the Dropkick Murphy’s or Rammstein… and that was just the mainstream stuff.

So even when I find some new music that I don’t love, I’m curious if other people will love it, and this week MM is going extreme metal, with the band Hellyeah. I’m just old and soft.

Hellyeah is a supergroup made up of former members of Mudvayne, Pantera, Damageplan and Nothingface and these guys go super hard… and loud. Even their Youtube videos seem louder than normal. The one sheet of info I got on them mentions that the band has made a “return to the their metal roots on heavier new album“. Yes, this is definitely heavy, and metal.

Currently, Hellyeah is touring with Lamb of God and In Flames in Michigan, Texas, and then the West Coast. I feel like this is what Malcolm Chase listens to before he gets ready to play in the LXM PRO… no?

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