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Music Monday: The Wind Down

Dizzy Wright – “We Turned Out Alright (Feat. Wyclef Jean)”

Dizzy Wright is a young rapper out of Las Vegas who I honestly may never have heard of if it wasn’t for the legendary Wyclef Jean. Luckily, Wyclef teams up for a collaboration that put Dizzy on my map, and I’m grateful for that. Wright has an incredibly natural, somewhat old school flow that complements this pretty basic music video and Wyclef provides the melodic hook and guitar backups that he’s been doing more and more of. “We Turned Out Alright” comes off of Dizzy’s August mixtape The Golden Age. FYI, Dizzy was also named to XXL Magazine’s Freshmen Class, so definitely look out for more from him and check out the mixtape, which can be found on iTunes and all over the internet.

Matt The Electrician – “Pioneer Bride”

Changing gears a little bit here, I wanted to introduce you to a solid singer/songwriter that I’ve been listening to quite a bit over the last few weeks. Matt The Electrician, from Austin, Texas, has been around a little while but just released a new album, It’s a Beacon, It’s a Bell. “Pioneer Bride” appears on this album and his last and is my favorite song from this good-feeling acoustic guitarist. When you click the MySpace link, you’ll be led to his music page with most of his songs, but “Pioneer Bride” is down near the bottom of the play list. If you like this sample, listen through some of the others like “Osaka In The Rain” and “Kids” as you wind down your Monday evening.