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Music Monday: Walking West

Editor’s Note: Please welcome Nate Fritts to the Lacrosse All Stars! After spending a lot of time with Nate on the Rhino Lacrosse Camp Tour a couple summers back, we quickly came to respect his passion for all things music and immediately knew he would be our man for Music Monday. Nate hales from Portland, Oregon, played at Bowdoin College (NESCAC) in Maine, and now resides in Boston, MA where he researches concussions and brain diseases when he’s not laxing.

Lucky for you, Music Monday is going to keep rolling on the “Music You’ve Never Heard Of” train with this week’s post. We’re bringing you two exceptional musicians from off the beaten path in two completely different genres. Give them a listen and be sure to go support these lesser-known artists if you can!

Logic – “Walk On By”

“Walk On By” is the newest release from Maryland’s up and coming rapper Logic. I have been following this young and talented artist for the last year or two and he has legitimately blown me away thus far. His last mixtape, Young Sinatra: Undeniable, was packed with sophisticated, tongue-twisting rhymes over catchy piano-based beats that were reminiscent of Jay-Z’s Reasonable Doubt. Tracks like “Dear God” and “All Sinatra Everything” are still at the top of my most played list and are worth a listen in addition to this new hit. Word is he is working on a new project and according to his twitter, I don’t think he has left the studio in weeks. Be on the lookout for that and poke around his website for more music and info.

Jason Esler – “Heading West and Going North”


Last year I was turned on to the little-known singer/song-writer Jason Esler and I feel it is time to share his work with the LAS nation. According to his Reverbnation page (and his lyrics), Esler writes and performs songs about traveling through the American West. When I first began listening, his songs took me back to the summer that I came to know the LAS crew, in which I was touring the west coast with Krieg Shaw working Rhino Lacrosse camps. Every week we were in a new town, growing the game and seeing all of the sights (or lack there of) in between. “Heading West and Going North” is a great song for the bus or a road trip, as are most of the songs you will find in the link above. Enjoy the tunes and keep on exploring, on the lax turf or the frontier.

Check it out on iTunes here.