Las Vegas Lacrosse Showcase - Dave Ogle
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Mustache Vs Cancer Mondays: LAS ‘Staches & Mustache Music

Music Mondays are nothing short of fantastic, but since we’ve been participating in Mustaches Vs. Cancer for the last 7 weeks AND for ONE MORE WEEK, we’ll also be doing Mustaches Mondays. 7 weeks down, 1 more week of solid duster growth to go, and it’s all to fight Cancer!

Are YOU are participating in Mustaches Vs. Cancer this year? We sure hope so! If you are, please send your most recent ‘stache photo, and a link to your donation page to, and we’ll get it up on LAS and make you just a little more infamous!  Same goes for Movember! This is it; THE FINAL PUSH!!!!!    Send it in and we’ll link up to your donation page!

This week we’re showing off the best ‘staches in and around the LAS universe.  But first we have a banging mustache musical track.  Because why not?

Lip Wig (Mustache Is) by WhaleHawk

Now on to the Dusters.  Connor Wilson, still going strong.  Not bad for a blonde guy.  His Mustache finally stopped looking creepy.  Ok, it’s still a little creepy.

connor mustache
Mesh, Oakley's, an LAS. slouch, traditional and a Mustache.

Connor’s Mustaches Vs. Cancer Page

Jimmy Ciccone has gotten in on the action, and our main man from Happy Valley has caught up quickly.  His Mustache isn’t quite luxurious yet, but it’s quickly approaching serious status.

jimmy mustache
Super solid growth, Jimmy! Love the PA love too! It's on the walls!

David Ogle is a mustache growing pro at this point.  We’re not sure that he’d pass a doping test, or that he hasn’t been putting Miracle Grow on his upper lip, because his duster is just so money.  And he knows it.  So money.

Las Vegas Lacrosse Showcase - Dave Ogle
Dave and his mustache, ready to go

David Ogle’s Mustaches Vs Cancer Page

Jeff is also growing a ‘stache, but he’s a little more timid about showing it off.  Sometimes we have to coax photos of it from him, and he’s even been known to rock a fake beard until his ‘stache is truly ready.  The Idaho Mustache, it’s a tad elusive!

Jeff Brunelle’s Mustaches Vs. Cancer Page