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Mustaches Vs Cancer Mondays: This Is The END!

Music Mondays are nothing short of fantastic, but since we’ve been participating in Mustaches Vs. Cancer for the last 8 weeks AND because this is THE FINAL PUSH, we’re throwing Mustache Mondays out there as well! 8 weeks of duster growth down, the potential for shaving your lip for the first time in 2 months up, and it’s all to fight Cancer!

We’ve got some fantastic growth on our upper mouth lids right now, and very proud of the efforts we put forth.  But there are others in the lax community that also deserve a big shout out for all they did, so we’ll start with Ken Clausen, a man who loves Mustaches, and hates Cancer.

Clausen has (as of Monday at 9am) raised a total of $69,223.  And that’s just amazing.  Great work, KC27!!!!!

Ken Clausen mustache tweet
Kenny C getting his growth on.

Ben Kaminow, a Doc’s Lacrosse Coach (NYC) also went hard raising money for the HEADStrong Foundation, and even though he’s not a pro, and he doesn’t work for Warrior, he STILL managed to raise $10,000 for the cause!  Great work, Ben!  We’re all proud of you!

Connor’s Mustaches Vs. CancerPage

Connor's mustache is solid blonde.

Jeff Brunelle’s Mustaches Vs. Cancer Page

David Ogle’s Mustaches Vs Cancer Page