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Presidents Cup 2018 Nanaimo
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BIG NEWS: Nanaimo, LaxAllStars Bring Presidents Cup to the World!

Senior level lacrosse in Canada is the real deal, and we’re proud to announce this wonderful partnership. The Nanaimo Sr. B Timbermen have the great honor of hosting the 2018 Presidents Cup, and Lacrosse All Stars will be bringing you the action live. Presidents Cup is one of Canada’s four major senior championships, and we’re excited to bring you the action August 26th through September 2nd. These games will be full-throttle action with the biggest names in box lacrosse fighting for the coveted Presidents Cup!

Senior ‘B’ Lacrosse is the most representative league across Canada. There is a Senior ‘A’ League as well, but there are far fewer teams and only two can meet to play for the Mann Cup. There are eight different leagues in Canada under the banner of Sr. B, and the winner of each of these leagues is invited to come compete for the trophy that has been hoisted once a year since its inception in 1964.

The eight leagues span Canada’s width, from the Nova Scotia Senior Lacrosse League all the way west to the West Coast Senior Lacrosse Association, where our hosts reside. Those eight teams are all currently barreling down towards playoffs, and we won’t know exactly who will be representing their league until the end of July.

The Competition

So while we can’t introduce the teams, we can introduce the leagues that will be present.

  • West Coast Senior Lacrosse League (British Columbia)
  • Rocky Mountain Lacrosse League (Alberta)
  • Prairie Gold Lacrosse League (Saskatchewan)
  • Ontario Lacrosse Association (Ontario)
  • Can-Am Senior League (First Nations/NY)
  • Quebec Senior Lacrosse League (Quebec)
  • Three Nations Senior Lacrosse League (Quebec/NY)
  • Nova Scotia Senior Lacrosse League (Nova Scotia)

In 2017, the Alberta Miners (RMLL) were able to pull out a 7-6 win over the Six Nations Rivermen (OLA) in a thrilling showcase of how the game is supposed to be played. This was a back-to-back victory for the Miners, and the second finals appearance in three years for the Rivermen, with a Presidents Cup win back in 2015.

This Really Matters

Presidents Cup is a week-long war playing the most physical brand of lacrosse in existence. To win the trophy at the end of the week is really a matter of being the last team standing. Injury and fatigue over a long week, albeit after a long summer season of box lacrosse, truly is an amazing feat.

These are full-length, CLA style box games. Everyday for a week straight. To say “marathon” is a complete understatement.

The host team also gets an entry in to the tournament, and the Timbermen are looking forward to the opportunity to try and win the cup at home. Vancouver Island is loaded with lacrosse talent, as is the greater British Columbia province.

Thompson who won the nil draft

The ‘B’ in Senior B Lacrosse is often misleading. The pinnacle of this league is synonymous with the pinnacle of the sport. First, simply put, Senior means 21+ (with exception) and not senior citizens. Second, NLL All-Stars and all-world pros are on Senior B teams. Senior A is pretty much a West vs. East championship, with Senior B being more of a representative championship of all of Canada.

I’ve played for lower caliber Senior B teams, and you’re often find yourself defending guys (well, trying to) who you were watching play in the NLL just a few short months ago. Mark Matthews, three of the Thompson Brothers, Brett Bucktooth, and Jeff Shattler all play Sr. B lacrosse, and will be in the hunt for the Presidents Cup this summer.

All Eyes on the Presidents Cup

If you’re in BC, the Pacific Northwest of the US, or if you’re just a box lacrosse fanatic in general, we recommend coming out to join us for the Presidents Cup. It’s a fantastic tournament, and there simply isn’t a better place to get this much Canadian box lacrosse of this caliber.

If you’re unable to join us in person, fear not!

Although nothing beats being in the barn in person, we’ve got you covered. Lacrosse All Stars will be streaming ALL the P-Cup action to you via our YouTube Channel, Facebook, and right here on the site for free. Why free? Because it’s the right thing to do!

Giving Senior B lacrosse the attention and promotion it deserves needs to happen, and once you watch a couple of games, you’ll be singing the same tune! We want to break down the barriers of what it takes to watch the world’s best lacrosse, do yourself a favor and join in.

This is a beautiful tournament, in a beautiful place, and we’re over the moon excited to be partnering with the Timbermen organization. Nanaimo boasts one of the premier programs in BC, if not the world. A strong resume from the youngest levels all the way up to the senior levels means we’ll be looking forward to the entire community getting behind this event.

Nanaimo is small city on the Eastern coast of Vancouver Island, and I’ve heard the island referred to many times as “fantasy island.” The surf meets the beaches and the mountains. It’s a logging community that’s so much more, with world-class mountain and road biking on the way to catch a nice surf session or fish in a stream. It’s a lacrosse vacation and that couldn’t be a greater statement.

I’m 200% planning on an extra couple days when I get my flights booked out to join the Nanaimo Sr B Timbermen host the 2018 CLA Presidents Cup!