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National 175 Recruiting Spotlight to Shine on Southeast

In an ongoing effort to keep my finger on the pulse of the elite level lacrosse recruiting events here in the United States, I recently had the chance to get to know National 175, an organization created to shine a spotlight on the best high school players in the country.

Organized by founder Marty Sands and an impressive group of accomplished coaches, the goal of each National 175 event is to identify and assemble “the truly best lacrosse players and provide them a venue to display their abilities in front of the leading college lacrosse coaches and their staff in the country.”

Since its inception four years ago, the National 175 organizers have focused heavily on attracting the highest quality and quantity of college lacrosse coaches from the Northeastern United States to each event. They’ve been able to achieve this by featuring not only the most talented high school lacrosse athletes, but also some of the best venues, player information dissemination, and filming capabilities for all players and coaches involved.

While National 175 has traditionally held its events in the Northeast, the growth of lacrosse, rise of talented players across the country, and success of the organization has led to plans for expansion in 2015. In fact, just this week, the application period started for National 175’s Inaugural Southeastern Showcase, which will take place next May 26-27 just outside of Atlanta, Georgia.

Between the packed house we saw at the 2014 Major League Lacrosse Championship and everything we’ve been hearing about participation levels and the local club programs, the Atlanta area seems to have certainly been earning its permanent spot on the lacrosse map lately. I have no doubt the Southeastern Showcase will be saturated with high caliber talent.

To the Southeast’s best undiscovered aspiring college lacrosse players – this could be the chance to finally get that look you deserve!

Below is the official news release for the Southeastern Showcase along with information on how to apply.

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National 175 Southeastern Individual Showcase

A one-day college recruiting spotlight event.

The National 175 is pleased announce that they will be hosting their first showcase in the southeast, in Atlanta, and that they will be bringing down over 30-40 college coaches from the top D1, D2 and D3 college lacrosse programs who will be seeking to recruit players.  With even more regional college programs expected to attend, they will be anticipating over 60 college coaches in attendance.

Over the past 4 years, the National 175 has built a reputation based on running high quality showcase events and delivering a strong turnout of college coaches.  In fact, simply go to our website and you will see actually how many coaches actually showed up at each of our events.  We are most proud of this result and we are planning to bring a strong college coaches presence to the Southeastern region this spring.

The actual lists of college coaches, who have showed for each of our events is listed on our website,

The Southeast is growing the sport in quantity and quality, and college coaches want to see the best in the Southeast.  With this in mind, the National 175 will be considering players from all clubs and schools throughout the Southeast for this invite-only event.

2018 AND 2019 ON Tues, MAY 26TH 

2016 AND 2017 ON Wed, MAY 27TH