NCAA Championship Weekend Rundown - D1, D2, & D3!
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NCAA Championship Weekend Rundown – D1, D2, & D3!

This past week saw everything whittled down to what we need for another epic Championship Weekend. We have a 50/50 chance at a new D1 or DIII champion, but a 100% chance at a new DII champ! The games top to bottom were excellent this weekend and it’s shaping up to be a full slate of fantastic games. But first, let’s look at what we had happen:

The Games


  • 8 Cornell vs. Maryland 13
  • 9 Hopkins vs. Duke 14
  • 13 Denver vs. Albany 15
  • 8 Yale vs. Loyola 5


  • 12 St. Leo vs. Lenoir-Rhyne 11
  • 9 Seton Hill vs. Merrimack 16



  • 7 Dickinson vs. Salisbury 9
  • 5 Ohio Wesleyan vs. Gettysburg 8
  • 12 Wesleyan vs. Tufts 11
  • 7 York vs. RIT 12


  • 19 Wesleyan vs. RIT 18
  • 8 Salisbury vs. Gettysburg 7

Stat Freaks

We are now into the exciting time where we get to add in our D2 and D3 friends! More stats!

Offense: The Cutoff here is a combined 7 goals and/or assists

Ryan Barnable – RIT: 1G, 6A, 4 Shots vs. Wesleyan (CT)
Ben Corrigan – Lenoir-Rhyne: 3G, 4A, 13 Shots vs. Saint Leo

Defense:  For here, you need 8 GBs, CTs, and/or points

Kyle Tucker – Salisbury: 4GB, 4CT vs. Gettysburg
Kyle Tucker – Salisbury: 6GB, 7CT vs. Dickinson
Collin Lett – Lenoir-Rhyne: 7GB, 3CT, 1G vs. Saint Leo

Faceoffs: Greater than 70%, at least 10 attempts

Nate Farrell – RIT: 16/22, 6 GB vs. York (PA)
Brian Smyth – Duke: 18/25, 9 GB, 1G vs. Johns Hopkins
Conor Mackie – Yale: 12/17, 8 GB vs. Loyola Maryland

Goalies:  Greater than 70%

Jacob Stover – Loyola Maryland: 19/27 Saves, 3GB, 1CT vs. Yale

Freak of the Week

First of all, it’s ridiculous that in the 19-18 RIT Wesleyan game, there was only one stat freak. ONE! Wesleyan scored 19 goals! RIT had 18! They took even more shots! There were turnovers! This is too many exclamation points!! OK, back to normalcy. Usually in a game like this, even if both teams are spreading the ball around, the close defense is loading up on ground balls. The FOGOs and supporting wings also have more than enough opportunity to load up the stat sheet as well. But these two teams just had to go and be unselfish. The one guy that made it was almost all assists anyway!

Among the FOGOs, Nate Farrell was a huge part of why RIT was able to overcome York’s defense. He helped the Tigers keep the ball when they needed it providing more opportunities to score. And score they did. Brian Smyth was great equally great for Duke as they held off a late Hopkins run. This was summed up quite well by Blue Jay Alum Ryan Brown:

Now when I first was putting this list together, Kyle Tucker was who jumped out at me. His numbers are crazy to start with, and he did it in both games this week. On top of that, his seven caused turnovers against Dickinson were a season high for him. Not too shabby. Normally, he’d be a no brainer for freak of the week, buuuut.

Jacob. Stover. We’ve had goalies from losing teams make in onto this list before, but that’s usually in a game like 4-5 or something very low scoring. Being on the wrong end of 8 goals means you almost never crack that 70% mark. Stover did. Not only that, but he picked up three ground balls and cause turnover to go with it. That my friends is a game!

Conference Comparison

So now that we know the D1 final four, we can see how many teams the Big Ten sent this year. Looks like 1. How about that ACC? Also 1. Ivy 1. America East 1. Well, that sums it up! All these conference are totally equivalent to each other. OK, but really it’s fun to point to final four appearances as a barometer for conference superiority. The ACC sent 4 teams in 2011, yet none last year. The Big Ten had three last year, but only one this year.

Are they 67% worse? No. The thing I really find interesting about this is that of the four teams left, only Albany won their conference tournament. Yale lost to Cornell, Maryland to Hopkins, and Duke to Notre Dame. Layering on top of that is these are the four teams which held the #1 spot in the media poll at some point this season. Three #1s lose their conference tournament, but still make the final four. Take everything one game at a time, folks.

Table Setting

We’ll be diving deep into the Championship Weekend with LaxAllStars as it approaches, so I won’t go too far into these matchups in this post. So quickly, here’s what we have coming up:


  • 12PM EST – Albany vs. Yale ESPN2/WatchESPN
  • 2:30PM EST – Duke vs. Maryland ESPN2/WatchESPN


  • 1PM EST – Salisbury vs. Wesleyan
  • 4PM EST – Merrimack vs. Saint Leo



So tune in for the final weekend of college lacrosse this year. Better yet, show up in person! There will be thousands of us on hand to watch this in person. It’s one of the biggest lacrosse event of the year and it’s a great time. If you do manage to make it, keep your eye out for one of the LAS crew.

One of the easiest ways to find us will be to stay tuned into our social media feeds like Twitter or Instagram. We will be out in force!