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ncaa conference comparison

NCAA Conference Comparison: Week 7

We have a new No. 1! Following a 5-0 week by the ACC and a 3-3 week for the Big Ten, the ACC is now on top as the winningest conference in our NCAA Conference Comparison. This has happened much earlier than it did a year ago. What really helped this effort was the Syracuse win over Rutgers. However, the two wins by North Carolina and Duke are what sealed in. Out of the Big Ten’s games, it was two wins by Johns Hopkins that really kept them afloat while No. 1 Penn State was idle. Before I give away too much, here are the details:

2019 NCAA Conference Comparison

Conference Record % +/-
ACC 24-7 0.774 0.043
Big Ten 30-12 0.714 0.214
CAA 26-19 0.578 -0.012
Patriot 25-19 0.568 0.180
Big East 23-18 0.561 0.018
Ivy League 17-16 0.515 0.106
MAAC 18-23 0.439 -0.144
NEC 19-29 0.396 -0.025
SoCon 19-30 0.388 0.013
DI Independent 12-20 0.375 0.078
America East 11-29 0.275 -0.475

Note: The records listed for each NCAA Conference Comparison are based on the Monday through Sunday schedule of the previous week.

The Colonial Athletic Association is still holding tight in third, but it’s not a comfortable lead, especially after the Patriot League’s 2-3 week. The CAA is truly remarkable this year, though. After a weak 2018, they are back in force. Towson is likely going to be a top ten team all season, putting them in the running for hosting an NCAA game. UMass lacked consistency early on, but have just joined the ranks of the top 20. Despite that, Delaware technically has the best record while teams like Drexel is putting up a fight in nearly every game they’re in.

On the slate for the next week are a few interesting ones that will affect this table a bit. Penn State will grab a Big Ten win over Cleveland St., but the rest of the conference has a battle ahead of them for the top spot. Maryland will play UNC, Hopkins will play UVA, and perhaps most interesting is Ohio State’s first real test with Notre Dame. It’s the sort of weekend that could either make the rest of the season between these two conference closer than ever, or drive a spike between the two for good.

In terms of the CAA’s weekend to keep hold of third place, Towson facing Denver and UMass facing Brown may be the most intriguing. They can’t quite do enough to take the second spot during a Big Ten collapse, but they are really trying to keep separation from whoever wins up in fourth.


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As always, here are the past two years for reference.


Conference Record % Bids
ACC 36-13 .735 4
Big Ten 38-14 .731 2
Big East 33-20 .623 3
Ivy League 31-22 .585 2
Patriot 28-24 .538 1
America East 29-27 .518 1
NEC 27-28 .491 1
CAA 22-29 .431 1
MAAC 19-36 .345 1
SoCon 13-39 .250 1
Independent 7-31 .184 0


Conference Record % Bids
Big Ten 45-8 0.849 4
ACC 36-14 0.720 4
Colonial 28-22 0.560 1
America East 29-26 0.527 1
Ivy 25-25 0.500 1
Northeast 28-31 0.475 1
Patriot 27-30 0.474 1
Big East 25-28 0.472 2
MAAC 19-36 0.345 1
Southern 18-36 0.333 1

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