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NCAA D3 Lacrosse Championship LIVE

Welcome to the day of days in D3 lacrosse! Today, Tufts and Salisbury face off for the third time ever in the NCAA D3 Lacrosse Championship game. Each team has a historic win over the other, but that’s in the past! Today, we get to see what 2014 has in store for us, and it promises to be excellent.

The game kicks off at 1pm, and there is a LIVE Webcast HERE, via Can Tufts run and gun their way to a ton of goals? Will Salisbury slow it down or try to outgun the Jumbos? Will we see some pretty transition goals? I can only answer the last one, but that is an emphatic yes.

In Game Photos Via Tommy Gilligan

We’re tied at 5 at halftime. Now Tufts has taken an early lead in the third, at 7-6.








Older Stuff

We will have game photos as the game progresses, as well as updates, good tweets, instagram posts, and more. Enjoy the D3 Lacrosse!