mercyhurst wheeling jesuit lacrosse
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NCAA DII Lacrosse Tournament Talk: Semi-Final Review & FINAL Preview!

Yup. We skipped the quarters and went straight to the semi-finals, that’s just how we roll in the NCAA DII Lax!

First and foremost, let me get something off my chest about this past weekend’s games… Something that I was very very upset with!

It was the lack of coverage by not only the NCAA, but also most media, and even the respective Universities themselves.  Come on, guys… really?  All you are going to offer us DII fans is a game by game update of scores and play?  NO live video feed from ANY of the universities?  ARE YOU SERIOUS?

I mean, you couldn’t get the local TV station to lend a hand and broadcast the games?  Or done something online?  Is there seriously something better to record in Gaffney, SC than the town’s university’s run towards a national championship?

What really bugged me about this is that Limestone has a great site and is really making a push to offer great content.  They have even streamed some of this season’s games… YET for some reason they didn’t even consider streaming the national semi final. FURTHERMORE, all the other competitiors have great sites that have the ability to stream content or at least podcast.  CW Post has even been uploading highlights of this seasons past games onto youtube.  Guess what they uploaded for the Semifinals… NOTHING!!!!

You have go to be kidding me.  But if Davenport (and no offense to DU here) can have highlights of their post season run on the internet as quickly as the next day, surely four NCAA DII Varsity institutions can have highlight of their NCAA DII semifinal games.  AND, if Roanoke and Stevenson can BOTH broadcast their second round bout nationwide on the internet  THEN someone in the FOUR institutions that played should be able to find a way to stream a NATIONAL semi final game.

Sorry about that guys, I’m just passionate about my DII Lax.  I want to see it known and respected, and if no one can watch it, that is going to be slightly more difficult.  Ok, I’m breathing again.

It’s just I get so fired up on this DII lax talk. Basically I just want someone: a parent, a friend, someone’s grandma, an AD, maybe BHSVIDEODAD? (Did a great job on the Molloy v. NDNU game a while back) to find a way to provide some content for next year’s NCAA DII tournament.

If all else fails, I guess I can just fly out East, bring my 1995 video camera and go to town. BUT seriously, let’s please change this for next year.  I missed two great games played by FOUR great teams and I would hate to miss the action once again.

**Disclaimer** If I somehow missed the content out there in internet land I greatly apologize and would gladly eat my words.


Limestone (2) v. Adelphi (4)

I managed to catch the game on Limestone’s super awesome live game video reporting thingy WHICH took me about 2 quarters to figure out.. and then I found out I had been missing most of the action since I was on the wrong tab. BUT I DIGRESS…

No live feed from Gaffney? Too bad.

This game was neck and neck pretty much until the second when Limestone managed to pull away with some real quick goals. They finished the half up by two, I believe. Adelphi kept their cool though and came back guns blazing scoring 5 goals in the first few minutes of the third period alone. At the end of the third, Adelphi was up 9-6. They once again came back from the break to pepper the Limestone goalie and they won the bout 14-11 at the ROCK.

More hither.

The situation:

Adelphi’s Goalie played lights out, just like I had predicted. The kid had 15 stops on 26 shots and even managed to add an Apple (assist) toward the end of the game. Joe Vitale on attack also played pretty beastly and scored when the Panthers needed it most.

On the Limestone side it seemed the Panthers D was able to hold down the Jackson-Lowen duo, which I believe were held scoreless throughout the match. Langan did step up though and had 6 points, with 5 gnomers (goals) and 1 apple. Solid game!  Good luck to the Panthers and GREAT HUSTLE AND HEART ON THE ROCK FOR THE SAINTS.

Dave’s prediction recap:  0-1 D’oh!

Hurst (3) v. Post (1)

Watched this one on a live game stat report thingy as well….. NOT FUN.

This one was pretty much the Lakers all game. They came, they saw, they conquered. Started the game scoring 4 pretty quickly and had Post trailing all half.  It ended 4-3 lakers as they went into the locker room. The Lakers came back from the changing room with fire in their bellies and took it to the HOUSE, outscoring the Pioneers 10-1 in the last half alone, FINAL 14-4. Not much to say here gents and ladies. Hurst just played a very fundamentally sound game and really showcased their lax IQ. They had seven different scorers and held one of the best teams in the country to 4 goals.  Hats go off to the lakers on this one.

mercyhurst wheeling jesuit lacrosse
'Hurst is back in 2011 for real.

More hither.

The Situation

Mercyhurst lead this game in all statistical categories: faceoffs, Clears, GBs, shots, etc etc. Need I say more?  The Lakers came to WIN and the Pioneers where obviously not ready for the type of game the lakers wanted to play. This post game interview I think says it all. The Lakers came in to the game with an unparalleled focus to win, but not in a gung ho style, rather in a more methodical and mental fashion. “Lets play our game” and beat these guys.

I like it.  I like it alot. This team is making the leaps and bounds it needs to!

1-1 on my predictions!

THE FINAL!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m going with The Lakers on this one.  Have to.  Although Adelphi is a very, very worthy opponent, I feel like Mercyhurst has got the focus and will stop at nothing to win. This is gonna be a very interesting game to watch and close as well im calling a 10-8 game Lakers.



I’ll leave you with a little bit of this baller “El Matador”

(Fast forward to 1:06 to see the matador in Action. Napoli won this game 3-0 all thanks to Mr. Edison Cavani


Just a Massive Cat.  Not big.  MASSIVE.