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NCAA Division II Season Recap & Musings

National Champs!!!

I’ve been on hiatus for little a bit, but I needed some time to digest the awesome lacrosse that was being played on Memorial Day weekend, as well as a stellar vacation in Palm Springs.  So now I’m rested and ready to keep talking about D2 lax hotness.

First things first, I simply have to cover the NCAA D2 Finals.  Big things!  I’m not going to say what I think you guys want me to say but… I TOLD YOU SO!

The Lakers of Mercyhurst took the championship home in a very, very close game.  And I just knew this was going to be a hard fought game. Adelphi’s goalie’s stopping power, along with Hurst’s ability to score goals was going to be well-matched.

All in all, a very well played game really demonstrates that the discrepancies between teams and leagues in DII, which used to be considerable, is now breaking down. Teams from down South, to Long Island, and all over are really showing they can compete. It speaks volumes for the developement of not only lacrosse, but specifically, the NCAA DII version of the sport. I really loved how both teams gave it their all and never gave up fighting. Made for a very entertaining brand of lacrosse that was fun to watch.

My hat goes off to Mercyhurst for finishing up a great season. They have been given the short-end of the stick many times before, sometimes not even making the playoffs, and to finally make it to the big dance and then win it all is nothing short of amazing. Those boys truly deserved that trophy.  Highlights from lax.com!

And Adelphi played an amazing game. They kept at it and never stopped fighting… that’s what Long Island lacrosse is all about!  The Panthers return mostly all of their key players from 2011, including that machine Joe Vitale. So I am sure another run at the tourney will be in the books.  Add in the fact that Head Coach Gordon Purdie doesn’t seem to be going anywhere and this is a team destined for a NC in the next few years.


NCAA Highlights on the game

Inside Lacrosse Behind the Scenes is Solid: Coach Catalanotti is a BEAST.

Rumors Around the LAX world:

A little bird chirped in my ear and said there maybe some VERY big coaching changes out in the WILA this summer. Stay tuned for more info friends!

Speaking of the WILA here is their end of the year Honor’s list!

Check out this Epic Game out in Washington

Now Before I leave you gents, I have to ask a serious Question:

I have a trip planned to Vegas at the end of July, right smack dab on the weekend of the Tahoe Lax Tourney.

So… Vegas or Tahoe Lax? You decide for me.

Until next time…