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NCAA Division III Video Explosion

Oh, you love NCAA Division III lacrosse, do you? So you’ve seen every single one of the videos below then? DOUBTFUL! There is more good stuff here than I can even begin to know what to do with. It’s crazy, but not unexpected! After all NCAA Division III is the biggest of all men’s lacrosse divisions. Does that make it the best? Those who play it might just say yes!

Photo Credit: Shoaib Tareen

NCAA Division III Video Explosion

Even though Tufts dropped their first game of the year to Bates yesterday (that might be the biggest upset of all time in NCAA Division III history. Seriously), they are still one of the best teams in the country, and their video game is equally on point. Watch the magic Vs WNEU, and Colby…

And now we’ll head upstate, and check in on this Elmira Vs Nazareth game. Lots of purple. Lots of yellow. Lots of really good lacrosse.

If you want a Southern showdown, Lynchburg vs Roanoke will almost always fill that need. This year’s game is no exception.

Pennsylvania also has some top quality lacrosse, and those Ursinus jerseys aren’t too shabby either! Coming in hot from PA.

Stevenson Vs Albright… guess who won!

A little mid-season highlight action from Wheaton? Why not!

The Stevenson Mustangs… 10 years ago, no one had heard of them, because they didn’t exist yet, because they were still named Villa Julie. Now look at them, they have their own sponsored weekly show. And a ton of AAs, and a ring. And some guys in the MLL. We’ve witnessed the rise of a monster.

First watch this video, then stop it with 20 seconds left and tell me who won this game. THEN watch the last 20 seconds. Love the action, but the highlights are a BIT biased! Then again, so am I (for Wesleyan)

Wesleyan won 13-8.


Yeah, more Stevenson. If you want to be everywhere, be everywhere. SU does a crazy good job with their film and webcast productions.

And that’s it. For now. There will be more, there is always more. Until the next explosion, watch more D3 lacrosse. It’s good, fast, fun, and most of the time, it’s also FREE!