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NCAA Lacrosse And The MLL Take Over SportsCenter’s Top Plays

Has lacrosse ever had three highlights on SportsCenter’s top ten, or did we just see a new record set?

We had game sevens in the NHL and NBA playoffs (plus a whole bunch of baseball and soccer games) on Saturday night, yet lacrosse still claimed 30% of the SportsCenter Top Plays! Take a look at all three below…

Checking in at number eight is UNC’s Marcus Holman going behind the back against Denver.

Holman finished with six goals on the day, but between losing to Denver at home and Mark Matthews mocking his post-goal celebration:

…it wasn’t a great day for Holman. Hopefully the SC Top 10 nod helped a little.

At number five, Tim Desko capped off his college career with one last trip to SportsCenter:

With that shot, Desko tied Zach Palmer’s season record for Top Plays appearances and Eamon McAnaney continued his streak of accurately predicting “Top Plays” worthy goals. Congrats to both. #SportsCenterTop10 is back and still accurate.

After bouncing around in spots 2-10 for the entire season, lacrosse claims its second #1 highlight in as many weeks with Ned Crotty’s Air Gait, previously featured by 412 Lax.

Finally, it’s tough to complain about any Top 10 with three lacrosse clips, but Chazz Woodson was flat-out robbed by being left out of Top Plays this week. Enjoy this (unofficial) Honorable Mention Top Play, as Mr. Woodson displays yet another diving shot that doesn’t make an ounce of sense.

Another great weekend of lacrosse and a TON of unreal lax highlights from the college boys and the pros!