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john tillman on ncaa lacrosse recruiting

John Tillman Explains NCAA Lacrosse Recruiting

Maryland head coach John Tillman recently explained NCAA Lacrosse Recruiting at an NCAA Symposium held in Annapolis.

University of Maryland men’s lacrosse coach John Tillman recently gave the keynote at an NCAA Symposium at Annapolis High School in Maryland. Among the topics discussed were early-morning workouts, required study sessions, and the realities of NCAA lacrosse recruiting.

Coach Tillman on NCAA Lacrosse Recruiting

The Capital Gazette quoted Coach Tillman as saying:

For men’s lacrosse, we have 12 scholarships that we divide up over 45 people. Everybody gets a little and we try to balance it out.

There really isn’t a pot of gold out there. Great students are attractive to everybody. As coaches, we look at the good students as very motivated and low maintenance. We like those guys.

Given John Tillman’s track record, we thought this was relevant to share with the Lacrosse All Stars crowd. Simply put, there are just way too many kids and parents out there with high hopes for NCAA Division I Lacrosse scholarships who remain uninformed. It’s important that coaches and anybody else providing guidance to aspiring lacrosse players understand the big picture.

Next time you’re taking part in a conversation about NCAA lacrosse recruiting, keep in mind what John Tillman said about 12 scholarships!

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