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NCAA Video Explosion: First of the Year!

Ahh, there’s absolutely nothing like it! The NCAA lacrosse season is back and the past couple weeks have squeezed in a lot of lacrosse in a very little time. Luckily the weather has cooperated (enough) for most teams to get a game or two under their belts.

There’s almost 20 lacrosse games to watch over the next week, make sure to follow for the full listing of who’s playing and how to watch! With so much going on in just one explosion, we decided to break it down into 4 simple categories, just for you!

  1. Must Watch
  2. Big Plays
  3. Game Highlights
  4. Full Games
  5. Throwback


Where do we start? How about with the making of history?! Hampton kicked off the weekend with the full Sports Center treatment before they hosted their inaugural home game. The first HBCU to compete in NCAA lacrosse program since Morgan State in 1981, Hampton is taking the field with a modified schedule. The Pirates got the full red carpet treatment, check out how it went down!


Not a ton of individual highlights from the early parts of the season have made their way on to the web, but what we’ve got are worth putting eyes on. Like Double OT winners from Shack Stanwick… and stuff!


The real meat and potatoes here. For the foreseeable scrolling distance, I’m dropping every game highlight reel I find worth watching! I’m sure there’s some I missed and that’s why I’m making it your job to leave the links in the comment section below!


Thank you, NCAA! It looks like their taking some of the Watch ESPN games and throwing them up on YouTube the following week for our vieiwng pleasure! Full games? Yes, full games! Raise you lacrosse IQ in 3… 2…. 1…

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How could I not?! 22 years doesn’t seem that long ago, I’m sure some of these guys can still throw down. Roll that beautiful Tiger footage.

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For all of you that are like.. Yo! What gives? Where’s NCAA DII and DIII? Well keep calm, there’s another explosion coming Monday morning just for you!