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New Addition: Drofdarb Sports

A new blog machine is born today.

Insights & musings from a former lax bro turned sports junkie.

Today, we’re excited to announce another new addition to the Lax All Stars family: Drofdarb Sports. Whether it’s highlighting what to watch this weekend, game of the week analysis or taking a look at other sports all together, Drofdarb will be there.

A little background on the man behind the madness:

My favorite teams include: Boise State Football, Florida State Football, Arsenal FC, Colorado Avalanche, Oklahoma City Thunder, & Denver Broncos.  As far as professional sports are concerned – and even college basketball – I have a tendency to cheer for and follow individual players more than teams.  I’m not sure if it’s from the perceived selfishness of some players, the business-like approach from management & owners, or what, but perhaps I will explore this on the blog.

My blog topics will typically coincide with the sporting calendar and may occasionally include some less covered sports like surfing or skiing.  As I read and follow my favorite sports, I plan to provide links to other good articles in my columns/posts and on my twitter.  If you come across good articles or blogs, please pass them along – I’d love to take a look.

This is my first time writing about sport related topics, so I will be learning as I go – comments and suggestions are appreciated.  My favorite teams and players may be somewhat more evident in my writing. I’ll do my best to be opinionated.

Ultimately, I’ll be providing insights and musings as a former lax bro turned sports junkie.

So, loyal readers, please welcome Drofdarb Sports to the family and get hungry for your new fix of College Football and everything else sports junkies love. Drofdarb in the house!