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New England Youth Lacrosse Tournaments Still In Full Swing

If you are a youth lacrosse player in the New England area looking to play some lax in the next few weeks, look no further than the best New England youth lacrosse tournaments around hosted by PrimeTime Lacrosse.

Next up on the PrimeTime docket of events is the Youth Fall Brawl, held on November 10 on the incredible campus of Bryant University. Boys lacrosse athletes in graduating years 2024-2028 are invited to attend.

“Bryant University with their new football stadium, indoor turf facility, and professionally maintained grass fields provide the perfect venue for a fall event. With the weather in the fall it is tough to find a facility with so many high quality fields, especially this deep into November, and Bryant provides just that,” says Spencer Low, national events director of PrimeTime Lacrosse. “We started the Fall Brawl as a way for top clubs in the Northeast to wrap up their fall tournament schedule with a highly competitive event with all teams vying for a championship.”

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Last year’s Youth Fall Brawl was a huge success, with tons of teams competing at a high level — our NCAA editor Ryan Conwell described the game play as “It was the type of stuff that you hope high school and college teams do well consistently, and here was a group of sixth and seventh graders doing it all” — while providing lots of opportunities for teaching moments for the young players.

“With multiple brackets, both top level club teams, and town select programs will find competitive teams from all around the Northeast and will get a chance to play for a championship to cap off their fall!” Low says.

So, why should you attend PrimeTime’s Youth Fall Brawl tournament compared to other tournaments in the area?

“The Fall brawl is unique in that players get to enjoy a top quality venue while competing for a championship. While other youth events are typically just three games and you’re done, the Fall Brawl is a fun, high-level event where teams have a championship to compete for,” explains Low.

Registration information for teams and more information about the tournament can be found on PrimeTime Lacrosse’s website at the button below.

Youth Fall Brawl Registration & Info

Spots are still available for the Prospectors team as well. To learn more about the PrimeTime Lacrosse Prospectors program, click here. In short, it is a team of free agents that allows you to compete at the tournament if you are not affiliated with a club that is participating. The cost is very reasonable, and you get a great weekend of playing some high-quality lacrosse! Register for Prospectors by clicking on the button below.

Prospectors Info & Registration

So, set your DVR to record for those NFL games this Sunday and get out and play the best sport at the best New England youth lacrosse tournaments available!

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