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NEW Epoch Lacrosse Head sequel

NEW Epoch Lacrosse Head: Hawk Sequel

The new Epoch Lacrosse head is called the Hawk Sequel, and it has a lot of the same characteristics as their original head, the Hawk… but there are also a couple of big differences!

While you’ll notice some aesthetic changes, the big change is that the sidewall “bump” (where the sidewall is thickest)  is now lower on the head’s sidewall, making this second version of the head ideal for mid pocket placement, as opposed to being perfect for high pockets, like the OG Hawk.

You will also notice a different sidewall design, and some other changes in conturing, sidewall hole placement, and a couple other areas of interest. Ok, enough of me blabbing about something I haven’t even held in my hands yet! Let’s get to Epoch’s very cool reveal video!

NEW Epoch Lacrosse Head: Hawk Sequel

When you start the video, you’ll think it’s a prank, because that is a Hawk head for sure. Then you watch the video for 15 seconds and you realize your mistake. Then you watch it to the end and you’re intrigued. Or at least I was intrigued… how could I not be? It’s a new head from a company that puts out great product, so of course I’m going to be interested!

I haven’t seen a broken Hawk head yet, and if the Sequel is anything like the Hawk, it’s going to be tough as nails. With a sidewall structure engineered for a mid pocket I think more people will give an Epoch head a shot as their gamer. And if Epoch keeps making cool videos like the one above, their brand will continue to gain respect amongst the gear heads.

Overall, the Sequel is not a huge departure from what Epoch has already done with the Hawk, but if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! The Hawk ain’t broke, and I doubt the Sequel will be either. When we get our hands on one of these and get the chance to use it, we will review it fully, so for now, enjoy the pretty pictures.

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