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New FIL Website: Interactive, Enhanced, Growing

The Federation of International Lacrosse has updated their website, and it is a huge step up. Flashy images to draw people in, easier navigation, and lots of new features that will help fans to learn the game, new programs to start up, and the push for Olympic inclusion to get some more serious teeth!

Since this site is for the PEOPLE of the international lacrosse community, we figured the best way to gauge worldwide reaction was to talk to them!

Kevin Dugan, involved in Uganda and Jamaica, as well as FIL Development in South America, amongst other places, had this to say:

The new site gives the FIL an extremely professional online presence. One thing that is clearly visible in this new site is how seriously the FIL is about the commitment to keeping the sports clean, which is visible in their work with the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA.)

Tyler Steinhardt, the manager of the Uganda Lacrosse Union echoed Kevin’s thoughts:

It’s fantastic. I looked at the site a few weeks ago and this is a huge difference. It will definitely help grow the sport internationally.

Patrick Dougherty, of Turkey Lacrosse, went even further:

The FIL was instrumental in the beginnings of our program, and they do nothing but great things for laxers around the world. Now they are stepping up their social media side, which is just fantastic. This new website is user friendly and offers more information for the governing bodies in each country to display their happenings, in their respective country, coupled with their new social media marketing plan.

I truly see the FIL expanding lacrosse even further with these new elements in their arsenal.

Looks like the new site is getting a great reception so far! We definitely approve of the re-design, and hope this truly does lead to even more lacrosse being played around the world.

See below for a full press release from the FIL:

Ontario, Canada – Stan Cockerton, President of the Federation of International Lacrosse (FIL) is pleased to announce the launch of a new website for the worldwide governing body of lacrosse. The site is now live at

The new website is designed to create a platform that serves the needs of FIL member nations, while also sharing the exciting news of the growth of lacrosse around the world. The site will be a powerful tool in promoting international lacrosse development and FIL championship events. The website was designed by Tim Morgan of Phoenix Marketing and Design.

“This site is going to be an incredible tool that improves communication with all of our stakeholders; member nations, international lacrosse fans, media outlets and key international sports associations,” said FIL President, Stan Cockerton.

Interest in the sport of lacrosse has spiked in recent years with the Internet and social media playing a large role in this growth. People from all corners of the globe are learning about lacrosse online. This launch of this site includes the debut of FIL social media outlets that will assist the FIL in communicating all the exciting news that is taking place on the international lacrosse scene.

“Our members and emerging lacrosse communities all use social media to communicate amongst themselves and to promote the growth of the sport in their country,” said Cockerton. “We have a growing audience of fans and players and almost all of them are using social media. We are excited to capitalize on new ways of reaching them. ”

Finally, and potentially most importantly, the new website includes critical information and pages that will serve to educate member nations and players around the world on issues such as Anti-Doping.

“There is a significant section of the website dedicated to raising awareness in regards to Anti-Doping ” stated Cockerton. “We want to send a strong message to the world that we are serious about being an Olympic caliber sport.”

About the Federation of International Lacrosse: The Federation of International Lacrosse™, shortened to FIL™, was established in August 2008 in a merger of both the men’s and women’s international lacrosse associations. FIL™ is responsible for the Men’s World Lacrosse Championship, World Indoor Lacrosse Championship, Women’s Lacrosse World Cup, and both the Men’s and Women’s Under-19 World Lacrosse Championships. These events are held every four years. For more information on the FIL visit