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RipNet Product Shot

New Technology Helps Lacrosse Players RipNet

RipNet launches game-changing mobile and web technology for lacrosse players at all levels.

Earlier this month, Connor Wilson provided five fundamental ways to become a great lacrosse shooter. By following Connor’s tips, any player with a goal and wall could become a better athlete and more importantly, a better shooter. But what if you want to take your game to an even higher level? What else can you do to improve your shot?

These questions may have been answered today when we received a news release from a brand new company called RipNet. RipNet is a sports technology company that has developed a new goal scoring tool for men’s and women’s lacrosse players of all ages. Through a combination unique How-To videos and a cutting edge web and mobile application, RipNet is determined to help lacrosse players improve their scoring ability.

RipNet Product Shot
RipNet aims to be the ultimate self-improvement tool for offensive players.

An impressive number of high-caliber athletes, including Katrina Dowd, John Galloway (who’s a great jouster, by the way) and the one and only Con Bro Chill, have stepped up to support RipNet’s product launch. In fact, Syracuse great John Galloway says that this tool is “lacrosse’s self-help tool of the 21st century.”

“RipNet is lacrosse’s self-help tool of the 21st century. It easily helps players break down offensive aspects of the game that coaches of all levels have been trying to identify for years. RipNet truly is a revolutionary product.”

I had a chance to check out the product today thanks to the team at RipNet, and I must say – the lacrosse world has never seen anything like this before. The tool is specifically for offensive players, and it allows a player to input all their scoring data, from how they got open, to where on the field they took the shot and the placement of their shot on the goal.

RipNet Analytics Product Shot
Players input their shooting data to RipNet for analysis

RipNet’s mobile component will also allow a parent or coach to input stats from the sideline at games. The technology then displays decisions, tendencies, and patterns of a player and his/her coaches by analyzing the player’s shooting data.

Meanwhile, the unique videos give insider scoring tips from two of the best goalies of all time, Morgan Lathrop and John Galloway.

Morgan Lathrop and John Galloway
All Star Goalies Morgan Lathrop and John Galloway

Beyond a scoring tool, it also serves as a social network for the players, parents and coaches who use it. Complete with a community leaderboard and forums dedicated to lacrosse training, it has mass appeal for any lacrosse player looking to improve their game.

According to the news release, RipNet is also working on team tools for coaches. After testing the product today, I’m very excited to see what comes next.

To learn more, check out the RipNet website at

Shooters – Let us know what you think about RipNet in the comments section below. Will you give it a try?

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