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New to Lacrosse Family Needs Your Help

LaxAllStars family, I’ve got a call to action. Our brethren up in Washington need your help! The following letter was passed along to us asking for any help in a very open way. Let’s show them what we’ve got as a community. We learned that Nike has already donated sticks, but these boys still need everything else.

Feel free to contact them directly about getting involved (their contact info is below), or if you have any other questions! See below for the Olinger Family story, and how you can help them get into lacrosse:

David Olinger volunteers as a football coach for Pop Warner and was planning on having his two boys; Kalub, age 10, and Kylen, age 8, play lacrosse in the spring and join the Spokane Valley Titans Lacrosse team. On October 4th, David’s life changed in a very traumatic way. He was at work when his leg became caught in an auger. Emergency crews came to his rescue and his leg was amputated at the accident scene in order to prevent him from bleeding to death.

Dave is improving but has a long road to recovery.

As a Titan family, we want to help Dave and his family by minimizing the financial burden that is on him as well as allow his boys to still play lacrosse this spring. Therefore, we are asking for donations of either equipment (helmets, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves and cleats) for both boys and/or cash donations to purchase equipment and pay for all registration fees that include uniform, and membership to US Lacrosse in order for the boys to be able to play as planned and money not be an obstacle.

Any donations big or small are greatly appreciated.  If you would like to donate equipment and need sizes for the boys, those can be provided as well.


Rachael Kettner-Thompson
Coach U-11 SV Titans Lacrosse
Crowdtilt fund

Any donations of equipment/monetary can be sent to:
Spokane Valley Titans Lacrosse Club
508 N. Locust Road
Spokane Valley, WA.  99206
Please make any checks out to Spokane Valley Titans Lacrosse with Memo: Olinger Fund

Thank you for your consideration as well as helping a “new to lacrosse family”. Let’s see what the lacrosse community is all about.