apple lacrosse store nyc
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New York City’s First Lacrosse Store

The first lacrosse-only retail store has opened up in New York City, and I made the trip into Manhattan last week to check it out in person. Apple Lacrosse is located at 147 W35th Street, on the fourth floor (Apple Lacrosse has moved and expanded!) 224 W 35th St, 5th Fl., and while the upstairs location may seem a bit weird to non-New Yorkers, for those of us that live in the City, it makes a lot of sense.

Average commercial rental rates in Manhattan are routinely the highest in the country, especially for ground floor retail, and that means pricing of goods can get out of control quickly. When I spoke to the owner of Apple Lacrosse, Rob Nesbit, he told me in order to keep prices competitive with online prices, ground floor wasn’t an option. He’s got the customer in mind first… I like that!

Rob is also employing some of the better stringers in NYC to fix up custom pockets for people, and I have a couple mesh heads and a pita pocket over there already. Right now Apple sells Brine and Warrior gear, but they are expanding their offerings in the stringing department as we speak, and have a good selection of soft goods and accessories, like mouth guards, water bottles, shorts, hats and more.

Check out the video below, which gives a better idea of what Apple Lacrosse has to offer: