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Inside Look: Hounds silenced by Lizards, 14-12

The Charlotte Hounds dropped another disappointing game on the road this weekend when the visited Rob Pannell and the New York Lizards.

Photo Credit: Casey Kermes

The New York Lizards slipped past the Charlotte Hounds in a thriller on Saturday night. The big win moves the Lizards too an even .500 on the season, which makes things a whole lot more comfortable.

The Hounds fell to 3-5, but that isn’t too bad with the current state of records in the MLL.

Big RP3 (Rob Pannell duh!) went off in the game. He scored five goals of his own and was named the Coke Player of the Game. Meanwhile, don’t mind Max Seibald hitting not one, but two 2-point goals for the Lizardmen.

Lizards get the Machine at home and the Hounds host the Cannons. Both of those teams just played this weekend too, so expect next weekend to be full of close games and fireworks!

With out further adieu, let’s look in…

Check out the full recap over on the MLL website, or just wait for Rosey to tell you all about it!

What do you think, folks? The New York Lizards beat the Charlotte Hounds this weekend, but when the teams rematch on August first, can the dogs find revenge or does the mean green roll on? Let us know your opinion below!

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