Nike Lacrosse Chrome Marble Dye Job

SU Marble dye STX chrome

Editor’s Note:  Welcome Mike Gialanella back to the Lax Network!  Mike is known for his amazing marble dye jobs and his love of the game.  You’ll be pretty amazed by what he’s come up with over the past couple of days.

Given my love for the marble look, the chrome head I had sitting around was screaming for a marbley experiment. As a gift to my close friend @adrianpomilio I decided to go with a Syracuse color scheme. A little background on Adrian- he’s an upstater who is a die-hard SU fan. He is the epitome of the LAS mantra “Grow the Game”. He is the founder of the Raleigh Lacrosse Club (@RaleighLacrosse) and has played an integral role in the growth of lacrosse in North Carolina from youth to high school.

SU Marble dye STX chrome


Adrian is also the co-founder of Lacrosse Tech ( (a youth program in the Raleigh/Durham area) and Stick it to Cancer ( (a non-profit, volunteer-based organization that raises money for cancer research through lacrosse).

SU Marble dye STX chrome

That is a truly spicy meatball.

Now on to the dye job…

For this one I went with the chrome Nike Legacy (fitting for something that has an SU theme). This one was a much easier and less stressful process than @dhall‘s (Editor’s Note: which can be seen over on SweetSweetLax). I did the usual process of spray, dye, clean, spray, dye. The spray came off a little easier than the traditional plastic head and none of the chrome came off. There were still some tough spots to navigate when cleaning, so out came the trusty SAK cuticle tool.

SU Marble dye STX chrome

That's a pretty looking scoop!

The orange dye didn’t stand out like I hoped it would. I was also more liberal with the spray than usual. I loaded it up quite a bit before it went into the Navy for a few reasons. First, the orange didn’t show too well. Second, darker colors have been a problem for me with the marble dyes (especially black). I wanted to salvage as much as the orange as possible and not end up with a Navy chrome head. To offset the lack of orange I went with the orange mesh and string (again, dyed with the head) and did the one string job.

SU Marble dye STX chrome

A little closer...

This mesh is a little different from what I used in @dhall ‘s so I may have to restring it if it’s going to get any game time. Adrian needs all the help he can get as an attackman, so he prefers a pinched head and that may be a factor in this being a coaching stick versus a gamer. If it gets used at all really isn’t the point. It was simpley a matter of doing something for a great friend who loves the sport.

SU Marble dye STX chrome

And one last overall shot to finish up. Unreal dye job!

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