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Nike Huarache Lacrosse Cleats Now Available On NIKEiD

Yes, you read the headline right. One of the most popular pairs of lacrosse cleats in recent history, worn by lacrosse players AND football players too, are now customizable.

Starting at $125, the Nike Huarache 4 LX lacrosse cleat is available in seven solid base material colors, plus for an extra few bucks, seven “chroma” colors that make the NIKEiD customizer extra fun to play with too.

According to LAS reader, Will J., NIKEiD is “missing some basic team colors like maroon and carolina, but the chroma and fade options are pretty sick.” Will, a sophomore lacrosse player at Worcester Academy in Massachusetts, offered to try his hand at a few cleat mockups for us.

Using the color palette available on the NIKEiD website, Will customized versions of the Nike Huarache 4 LX for each of the top 10 NCAA Division I Men’s Lacrosse programs according the final 2013 rankings. Check out what he came up with below!

There was no carolina blue, but an aqua instead. Also no maroon, gold, or dark green. I tried to use the fade tongue on a couple, but the only one that really fit any was grey to black. Only chroma option I used was on Denver, closest they had to maroon.

10. Maryland

I thought this was the best match out of the ten. It’s my favorite looking pair.

UMD Nike Huarache Lacrosse Cleat

9. Loyola

Loyola Nike Huarache Lacrosse Cleat

8. Ohio State

Note the faded tongue.

Nike Huarache Lacrosse Cleat

7. Yale

Nike Huarache Lacrosse Cleat

6. Notre Dame

Also a tough one, but this was the closest I could get… probably the worst match of the ten.

Nike Huarache Lacrosse Cleat

5. UNC

This aqua was the closest they had to carolina blue, so I tried to match the 2012 blackout uniforms.

Nike Huarache Lacrosse Cleat

4. Denver

This was the hardest one to do. Personally, I think it’s pretty ugly.

Nike Huarache Lacrosse Cleat

3. Cornell

I went with all white to match the vapor elite. They already wore these in grey/red in the tournament.

Nike Huarache Lacrosse Cleat

2. Syracuse

Nike Huarache Lacrosse Cleat

1. Duke

Nike Huarache Lacrosse Cleat

Almost all of the soles were black, the only options were black, white, or volt. Volt obviously didn’t match and the white really contrasted the upper. One cool feature was you could pick whether you wanted the spikes to be built for a hard surface like turf or a soft surface like grass.

What are you waiting for? Now it’s time to design your own!